Yule Brook College Visit SoPYC – June 2019

Our Bosuns gave the students of Yule Brook a tour of the SoPYC Marina facilities earlier on this month.

“What an amazing day. I am surprised I only had six students interested. Robbie Wilson, the SoPYC bosun was very passionate about his job. Almost did not finish year 10. He hated school until he found his passion. Now is responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure. I am sure he would have loved big picture. We got to speak to a shipwright. It is his job to maintain and repair all sorts of boats and yachts. Shipwright is a well-respected and well-paid trade. We were shown around an ex-cray boat that was on the hardstand being repaired. We then saw how a boat is lifted out of the water and transported to the hardstand. A quick photo of us on the rescue boat then we were back at school before second break. The learning did not stop there. It was great to see our students work as a team. Not everyone had enough money to buy a snack and a drink. The sharing and caring demonstrated by our students was amazing to see and makes me proud to be their teacher” – Craig Weller