Summer season for 2023/24 is just around the corner. Opening Day is October 8th!

SoPYC welcomes it’s members to join in social and competitive spirits and come sailing in the upcoming Off the Beach summer racing season. Fleets that cater for all tastes, the club seeks to foster competition, training and social aspects that our sport has to offer!

Registration is open extremely soon, and this page will be your one-stop-shop for all things to do with your club racing.

Download PDF Here!

2023/24 'Redbook'

For a full copy of this current seasons ‘Redbook’ click the button to open our downloadable PDF, or visit the OWG office to obtain a binder hard-copy!

Download PDF Here!
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OTB Sign On

Only events that your boat has been already entered for will appear.
Should the online process be unavailable you can also SIGN ON and SIGN OFF on the provided sheets inside the Centreboard Clubhouse.

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Safety Requirements Links
There many details to ensure dinghy’s are safe and up to snuff! All this information can be found in Australian Sailings Special Regulations
Self-check are needed to ascertain and confirm your vessel is in ship shape to be on the water. Equipment Audit forms provide this, and are required to be submitted July 1st, or before you participate on water, each year.