Learn the Fundamentals
Use Club Owned Equipment
Pathways to Kite and Windfoiling
Cheapest Foiling Options Possible
Structured Learning Methodology (SLM)
Australian Sailing Accredited Training Facility
WAIS Affiliated Training Facility

This is a customized Windsurfing Beginner course designed to teach essential fundamental skills.

Safety and good technique for quickly advancing skills are what we are about.

Attending as many of the 5-week sessions as possible will lead to better success, enjoyment, and potential to move onto more advanced options

For sailors that can accomplish the skills quickly (or already have them), they will do more advanced skills and free sailing with other experienced windsurfing coaches during the same session.

The session runs every Friday 4:00 – 6:30 for 5 weeks.

This course is ideally suited to:

  • People with no sailing experience but the determination to learn
  • Current Opti Gold fleet sailors
  • Other Club sailors wanting to improve their skills by cross training

There is no age limit but expect generally  between 12 and 40 to be ideal

The fee includes coaching and the use of Club equipment including:

  • Bic Techno boards
  • Windsurfer One Design
  • Windsurfer LT
  • Windsurfer LT School
  • Wing Surfer Foils (Coming Soon)
  • Windsurfing Foil Boards (Coming Soon)
  • Sails ranging from 3.5m to 6m sails

Upcoming Courses

Coming in soon for February 2021