Ray D Carter Memorial Time Trial 29 June 2019

There were 39 eager nominations to get back into time trialling after a couple of weeks off. The weather wasn’t the best…just a bit wet, none the less the checkpoint teams were in place and the heavy rain subsided a little for the 1415 start gun.

The course was a familiar route…from the start line, out the channel, downriver to Applecross, Bond then swing around to head on down to Waterstrom. It was there we could see in the distance a check boat clearly out of position to check the mark at 90 degrees. This was curious, especially as a fleet of large vessels were coming at the same mark from further down the river in the opposite direction. “Houston? we have a problem”. Turning up the volume on Chanel 77, it was clear there was a clash of course. The start team made the call to abandon the race for safety reasons.

With all competitors safely off the course, it was time for a few red wines in the warm bar to watch the football, I’m sure there will be questions and answers on what happened to cause the clash.

Re-run dates will be confirmed by OWG.


  • The July Power Section Committee Meeting is this Thursday evening.
  • Nominate for the TiTu Invitational Time Trial.
  • Get your German theme together for the after-party this Saturday night!