Facilities Available for Voting Members

When it comes to launching, storage, maintenance or your daily vessel requirements, South of Perth Yacht Club has all your boating facility needs covered.

Getting out and using your boat has never been easier in one of our 473 water pens. Pens range from 5m to 25m with all pens equipped with a shared pedestal providing individual access to power and a shared tap for water. All jetties are floating with the excepting of jetty 2, and a select number of small bays on jetty 7.

Long term leases, or deed pens, are available. Contact the office for further details.

The Club owns a small number of swing mooring located next to the marina. These are an inexpensive alternative to a water pen and come with a rack space for a small tender.

If your trailerable vessel is taking up too much space on your lawn or driveway, the Club has a storage solution for you. The Club has 145 hardstand bays available for members to use ranging from 7m to 12m in length. Land pens come with access to the Clubs private onsite launch ramp.

A private launch ramp is available to members who wish to use the facility and is located within the Club grounds. Our launch ramp has a floating jetty and is secured by a security gate to prevent exclusive access for members authorised to use the facility.

The Club owns three launching and retrieval cranes, each with a 3-tonne capacity. Cranes are available for use for small vessels with lifting points. Instructors teach members how to safety use the equipment when launching and retrieving their vessels.

Our marine travel lift on the Eastern Hardstand runs five days a week making it easy for both members and non-members to haul out and work on their boats.

The lift can accommodate vessels from 6 metres to 18 metres. Our slipping and hardstand pricing is excellent value for both members and non-members.

See our vessel maintenance page for further details.

The Clubs fuel bowser is located on the southern side of the main jetty and provides members with competitively priced PULP and diesel all year round.

The black water pump facility is free of charge for voting members of the Club. The pump is located on the southern side of the main jetty and can be access by the key located in the bathroom airlock. Please contact staff for further instruction on how to use this facility.

Members will find the club bathroom, shower and change room facilities adjacent to the jetty 3 car park. This facility is available for use 24/7 when accessed with your membership key.

The Club has many facilities to ensure all your boating needs are fulfilled in one place. Voting members can access the fuel facilities and black water pump on jetty 2, ice box, 24/7 bathroom, showers and change rooms along with our lifting and maintenance facilities.

Our restaurant and bar are available to all members and takeaway beverages are available for purchase.

Having recently won the ‘Club of the Year’ and ‘Environmental Initiative by a Marina’ awards, you know you have chosen the right marina for your vessel.

We look forward to welcoming you to our boating community.

To Access the Facilities Follow These 5 Steps


  • Complete your membership application form to be a voting member
  • Send in your application form and make payment for your membership

Marina Facility Application

  • Once membership has been ratified by the Management Committee, complete an online application form for your facility of choice

Self Audit

  • Complete an online Marina Safety Compliance self-audit to ensure your vessel meets the minimum fire and safety requirements
  • Contact a Marina Compliance Officer to check your self-audit


  • The Pens and Moorings Committee will hold on to your application until there is availability for your chosen facility
  • An email will be sent to you once you’re allocated a facility

Payment & Using Facility

  • Once you have passed your self-audit, and the club has confirmed availability for your facility of choice, you will receive a bill for the allocated facility
  • Once payment has been received by the club you can use the facility at your leisure