Optimist Green Fleet

The Optimist Green Fleet is a twice a week club training program following on from the Learn to Sail Tackers 1, 2 or 3 courses. The consistent weekly training is designed to up-skill the juniors with their friends so they can progress together. They are trained in the club owned Ozi Optis by Australian Sailing qualified instructors.

Session Times

Tuesday 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Sunday (morning) 9:00 am to 12:00 noon  or   Sunday (afternoon) 12:30 pm – 3:30pm

Sailors generally train in the Green Fleet for 5 weeks and if feeling competent can advance to the Intermediate group, which caters to the transitioning sailors.  There is no rush to advance.  They graduate when ready.

To join the Green Fleet sailors need to be a Junior Club Member and enroll in the Training Sessions.


1 Obtain Junior Club Membership

2 Training Enrollment

Includes a Club Plastic Optimist. Cost is $50 for a 5-week block and you will need to enroll using the link below at the start of each block.
Charter Periods – Summer 2019 – 2020:

13 Oct to 17 Nov 2019 Book Block 1
24 Nov to 22 Dec 2019 Book Block 2
19 Jan to 16 Feb 2020 Book Block 3
23 Feb to 22 Mar 2020 Book Block 4
29 Mar to 19 Apr 2020 Book Block 5

Summer season – October to April (3-week break over Christmas and New Year) 
Winter season – May to September (no sailing in July during winter break)
*no training on the long weekends.

3 Enroll in Team App for updated communication.  Details will be forwarded upon registration


More Information

A life-jacket, boat, and coach are included.  We have limited placements in the program so that each child can be provided a high level of support. We focus on the basics, posture and control as foundations to build confidence and pride.

Sailors progress at their own pace; some will take 5 or 10 weeks to graduate and some will take longer. Once a basic level of confidence is acquired your child will join the transition group to build confidence. Your sailor will continue to enjoy the use of the Optimist Trainer but will need to acquire their own Optimist to continue – this boat will be needed ideally for several seasons.

Embracing sailing and building confidence is about routine. SoPYC operates rain or shine, windy or still, and if the weather is foul there will be theory sessions, onshore training, and games. Sailing should be liberating, empowering & fulfilling, there will be personal challenges, sailors who persist enjoy the journey and become passionate about their sport.

To continue please contact our Host on Sunday morning.