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Volunteers are an integral part of any club and its function. Often referred to as the ‘lifeblood’ or ‘back-bone’ of such enterprises, giving your precious time and valued expertise can make a world of difference and help ensure that the place you love can provide and strive for all it can possibly be. This is no different right here a the picturesque South of Perth Yacht Club.

The club is always on the lookout for an eager member to assist with a variety of tasks revolving around race management & regatta assistance to ensure that each event can run smoothly and safely. There are a plethora of roles available for individuals to take on, each varying in knowledge and pre-performed training required. Are you a ‘on the water junkie’? You could stay involved by mark-laying, support boat or the start boat. Prefer to keep your pants dry? There are on-land options as well, ranging from helping in the galley to assisting in the start tower.

What ever your passion or drive is the club would love to hear from you and help you stay involved in this wonderful club!

  • Gain Confidence. Volunteering is a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem, and allows you to try something new and build a sense of accomplishment.
  • Make an impact. Buy giving your valuable time and expertise you can have an enormous impact on the club, its members, staff and the people around you.
  • Meet people. Its a great way to delve into new friendships, and meet a wide range of folks of various backgrounds, all together for the same purpose. Not only is a great way to expand your social horizons, but also opens you up to new communities.
  • Learn something new. Volunteering is a great way to expand your skill-set, develop experience and even gain new qualifications!
  • A new challenge. Break new horizons. Achieve new goals. Push yourself outside of your current comfort zone and discover new talents and abilities you never knew you had. A great chance to push yourself.
  • Have fun! This is the key to all volunteering. Its why we still stay involved with the activities and areas we love.
  • Reliability. Clubs and community organizations plan around volunteers turning up for their arrange duties. This is the key attribute we seek here at SoPYC, which helps us ensure all our races, regattas and events run as smoothly and safely as possible.
  • Communication. When jumping into a new environment with new people your ability to speak and listen is key to ensuring the cogs keep turning. Its also very important in being able to sort out problems or queries that arise.
  • Learning. It’s always desirable to be able to quickly absorb and learn the new tasks and procedures required for your assigned duties. Just keep in mind our current sect of volunteers will always be happy to teach you no matter how adept you are, all we require is a desire and commitment to learn.
  • Juniors. Here at SoPYC we have a variety of junior sailing events, regattas and races. One requirement will be the holding of a valid Working With Children’s card. To learn more about these requirements and obligations you can follow the links provided in this tab below.

The On-Water office is currently seeking healthy and keen individuals for;

– Mark Laying (Sunday OTB)
– Support boat drivers & crew (Sunday OTB)
– Support boat drivers & crew (Saturday Keelboats)
– Support boat crew (Wednesday & Twilight Keelboats)

If interested please fill out the adjacent Expression of Interest form!

Sailing out of South of Perth Yacht Club takes place on Wednesday mornings, with up to 8x “Access” dinghies, 1x Etchells and 2x “Red Witch” yachts. We still need volunteers to take on the roles of Skippers, Rigging helpers, Crane Operators, ‘Meet-and-Greet’ people,  Safety Boat Drivers and observers and also lots of other helpers. Can you spare a few hours for this very worthwhile initiative of the Rotary Club of Melville and South of Perth Yacht Club?  Sailing and boating skills are required for ‘On-Water’ activities. On-Shore roles can be fulfilled by willing volunteers. Be part of the team which promotes the joy of sailing as a recreation to people with disabilities.

Your immediate help is required!
Sailability is a ‘not-for-profit’ charitable organisation that offers opportunities for all people with disabilities, regardless of their level of abilities, skills or personal circumstances.

Like More Information?
Call Sailability Coordinator at South of Perth Yacht Club
Liz Warman on 0419 949 006 or email

Help people with disabilities experience the joy of sailing. On shore and on-water roles available.

If helping out our juniors or providing a quick bite and refreshment on race days is your jam, follow the link to find out more on how you can assist!

We have various committees and being on these committees is a way to get involved in various Club activities. If there is a committee you would like to be involved in, you can nominate following the Annual General Meeting or get into contact with the current committee captain or chair.