VR Regatta

Welcome to the world of e-sailing! While club sailing is temporarily put on hold during this COVID-19 pandemic, SoPYC is inviting members to race competitively online instead. Initially the race schedule will be Wednesday afternoons starting at 1400 but depending on demand, may be expanded to other times. Spectators are also able to watch on without affecting the racing.

You can play using your PC or by downloading the App, play on a tablet or smartphone. It is all free to download and play! However, once registered there are some useful optional add on’s that are available for purchase.

Now let’s get started!

  • For complete step by step instructions – click here
  • Instructions for spectating – click here
  • WhatsApp – once registered as an E-Racer, an invitation to join the SoPYC E-Racers WhatsApp group will be sent.

Step 1. Create an account on VR Regatta In-Shore. Click on the button below:

Create VR Account

Step 2. Once you have a VR account, register for SoPYC Member races by clicking on the button below:

Enter SoPYC Races

Step 3. Once you have registered for SoPYC races, your name will automatically appear in the Entrants List below.

View Entrants

Step 4. Click below to go to the VR Inshore game

Go racing!


NEXT RACE: Wednesday 27 May 2020 at 1400