Schweppes Applecross Cup Day Four – June 23rd 2019

It was a day of two sorts of breeze with a gentle nor-easter starting the day and then the dark clouds rolled in and the pressure fell out of the sky whipping up the river into a fine frenzy and then just as easily, it disappeared. The Race Officer took a deep breath, shifted the course around a little and then began the third race with the large band of windsurfers rolling around on the water apparently eager for more. You could say the same for the 125’s who appeared in force and were having a rollicking time. It was a pity that the Flying Fifteen sailors had read the weather forecast and only the brave or those with nothing else to do came out. Well done the pair of Flying Fifteen’s who fronted and had a good time out on the water.

Then the breeze began to lift and the showers whipped around our ears. At least it was the last race and we could head in once it was done. So towing or in some cases taking the sailor aboard with his board, we made our way to the beach and looked for somewhere warmer to be. Well done the brave ones who went out and even more so the three Pelican boats that went out and dealt with everything that was thrown at them.

Rick Steuart, Perth Sailing Photography

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