June 30 2018 – Beautiful Day for the Ray D Carter Memorial Time Trial

The Ray D Carter time trial was run in perfect conditions last Saturday and once again we saw some very good scores, but not everyone was lucky.  One of our newer time triallers, allegedly using a new computer-based app, managed to clock up a very impressive 630 points, so we suspect that the new app may need a little tweaking to get it right.

The Pelican Section trophy, run in conjunction with the second State Heat over the previous weekend, was presented by Scott Keating, representing the Pelicans.  Purrfect lived up to her name, scoring first place in the port fleet, least points lost and taking the major trophy.  Sunhunter was first in the starboard fleet.

Ray Carter’s daughter Marlene honoured his memory by presenting the flags for the time trial. It’s always good to keep those connections, which is very much a part of the traditions that live within the Club.  Brian and Tina Smith won the port fleet with Indiana’s loss of 9 points while Emily May brought home first place for Bob Wright and Roger Rowson in the starboard fleet.

Brett Morrison and Dilana Ramirez continued their superb form despite missing a couple of weeks with work commitments.  Sunhunter claimed the Ray D Carter trophy with the loss of just five points, the day’s least points lost.

It’s also encouraging to see that the next generation of time triallers are being trained early.  Kris and Amy Townend have already brought their latest arrival onto the boat, and it’s hard to believe that their robust baby is just a few weeks old!