St Ayles Skiff Augusta Regatta – Saturday 27th January 

At last, our new trailer was ready for collection on Monday morning so it was all hands on deck to get “Ballina C” set up for the trip south.  All went well and we drove down last Thursday.  By Friday afternoon all the crew had arrived, so we had a practice row, even though the wind was strong.  This was the first time all the crew had been in the skiff at the same time, so some quick adjustments were made in preparation for the regatta on Saturday. 

The morning dawned clear and bright with very little breeze.  “Ballina C” was the centre of attention of the other skiff crews since it was the first time many had seen her.  Our hollow timber oars were of particular attention because all other WA skiffs use-bought carbon fibre or fibreglass oars – certainly not conforming with the rules or spirit of the SAS Association. 

Nine skiffs were drawn up on the beach, which is probably the greatest number together at any time in Australia, with the 2 skiffs from Augusta, 2 from Denmark, 3 from RFBYC, the Nannup skiff and us.  We entered two races: the men’s and Marg’s Mug final race.  We did not have the practice and speed of the other crews, but we all had a good time and hope to be able to refine our technique in the future. 

After the racing was over, the Augusta Rowers put on a magnificent BBQ for all contestants under the paperbark trees.   

We will be rowing again this Thursday evening starting at 5pm on the beach, so come along and find out what all the fuss is about.  Please contact Bob Harrap on 0407 991 901 if you would like to have a go.  We can put both skiffs in the water if we have sufficient interest.  I shall not be available on Friday evening, but that does not stop anyone from rowing them.