Sunday Racing

Last Sunday started in a very light Easterly before a patchy Seabreeze.

Great fleet of Flying 15’s on the start line.

Here’s a couple of tips from the day.

Pin starts are always tricky.  A general rule is to start 3 up from the pin end.  Below is a classic example where the closest two boats get stuck.

Remember in the light air (in particular) to keep sails very eased to attach the airflow first, then sheet on smoothly.  To re-attach airflow takes 3 passes of the wind over the full cord of the sail (Frank Bethwaite)

That is why it sometimes takes a very long time to get up to speed if you stop or are stalled.  The airflow needs to be attached and then sheeted on to start accelerating the hull through the water.

See below image of an over sheeted sail on a Flying 15.

Below is a temporary link of images available for the Flying 15’s sailors to check their sail setups. You can preview or download within 7 days.

Look out for luff being pulled out of sails (Mast bend)

Jib Luff tension and forestay sag.


Kitefoilers In WA

You may have seen a few Kitefoilers training at the club this week.  Scott and Breiana Whitehead, Australia’s sibling team in the new Olympic formula kite class, have come to Perth for a training camp in the lead up to the Redbull Lighthouse to Leighton 2019.

As Australia’s first scholarship holders for the new discipline, the team has enjoyed the waters off South of Perth Yacht Club to keep improving their skills as they build towards Paris 2024. With a vibrant foiling community and world-class facilities Perth and SoPYC offer premium conditions for this new generation of sailors to push their skills in a safe but challenging environment.