The Power Section returned to Time Trialling in good numbers on Saturday

24 enthusiastic boats crossed the start line.  Word is that Time Triallers at both Royal Freshwater Bay and Mandurah Yacht Clubs’ have also been attracting good fleet numbers.  Bring on the competition!

Results in the Wardroom are always special, as was enjoying each other’s company for the first time since last September. Many guests stayed on for dinner downstairs in the Ballroom. It was just like old times when many of our usual competitors were graced with flags by the flag officers at the podium.


Port Fleet

1st Reel Escape.   Doug Smith and John Mewett – 22 points

2nd The Board Room.  Steve and Di Clarke – 24 points

3rd Thelissos.  Brad Pearce and Theo Berden – 25 points

Starboard Fleet:

1st Purrfect. John and Lynne Cooper – 15 points

2nd Thanet. Guy Skinner and Richard Evans – 18 points

3rd Tikkity Boo. Jason Claricoates and Caroline James – 19 points


Least Points Flag was won by Thanet with total least points of just 8 points for the course.


This Saturday is the usual Navigator/Skipper event. The rules have been modified so ALL teams are welcome to compete, however only swapped roles (Navi and skipper) teams will be eligible.

See you on the water,

Amanda Watson, Power Scribe