With the new decking completed on Jetty 3 by the Bosuns Club members, they were keen for another challenge. A meeting on Friday afternoon listed quite a few more projects to be undertaken.

The first job identified to do was to start building up the Bosuns Club shed. Headed by Ken Baxter, a few of the guys came together on Mondays and started building the work benches needed for our next big project starting this Thursday.

On Thursday we should have the UFO34 “UFORIC” placed outside the Bosuns Club shed ready for a restoration so we can use her for keelboat training this season. It’s a big job and if you would like to come and help do some “boaty” stuff then please let Bob Harrop know so we can work out the feeding numbers. It will be a pleasant change from lifting bricks and replacing jetties and it will also showcase the dichotomy of talent within the Bosuns Club.

Thanks to Rick Steuart of Perth Sailing Photography for the photos below.