Applecross Cup 2018

The Premier Off The Beach Regatta

SoPYC Applecross Cup 2018. Video from Skyworks WA.

View some of Rick Steuart’s fabulous action shot’s from Day 1 & 2 below:

Day One – 8 September 2018

The weather could have been worse. We had a reasonable norwester and the rain seemed to be pouring on the city, not on us.  So with five races and an interesting mixture of multihulls and the ineffable F15’s we set sail on the mark of 1100 hrs as RO Les Swinton figuratively rang the time bell.

As a matter of reasonableness, he fired off the Hobie Waves (the training boats at SoPYC) and followed them with the F15’s. A mixed bunch of cats, from Nacra 15’s to Tornados with all-sorts in between were next and then the fabulous International Moths were let loose.  A great late morning and early afternoon ensued with the only glitch on the last race when the rain descended and the seabreeze came in for a short period.  And retired just as swiftly causing not one, but two race abandonments before the final race was let loose on a slightly lessened field of boats. ~ Rick Steuart

Day Two – 9 September 2018

At the second day at the Applecross Cup we were privileged to have World Radial Champion Zac Littlewood along to give the radials a certain spring to their step. We have to keep in mind that he’s preparing for his mock exams in a few weeks, but he was able to put a good show on the boards for us. As for the day, plenty of breeze once the westerly kicked in and it was a sparkling sunny day, quite a relief to yesterdays showery finish. Only four races finished on Sunday thanks to a technical hitch with the first race, but there was plenty of interest for all. ~ Rick Steuart

Presentation Images 2018 Applecross Cup

Regatta Dates are:

  • Late Entry Fees apply Saturday 01 Sept 2018
  • Close of Entries – 1600hrs Friday 31 Aug 2018
  • Applecross Cup Day 1 – Saturday 08 Sept 2018
  • Applecross Cup Day 2 – Sunday 09 Sept 2018

Racing Rules Session:

National Judge Christina Heydon will be running a session for skippers and crew on Monday 3 Sept 2018 starting at 6:15pm at South of Perth Yacht Club. Members as well as non-members are encouraged to attend.

SOLO Series 2018 Entrants

If you paid for SOLO Series 2018 Day 1 & 2 combined, you are granted free entry to Applecross Cup 2018.


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