Things that might go bang, making frames and hanging a Swampy off the roof.

The results of the year and a half of building the skiffs has left us with a well-polished team of people in fact, most of us were glad to take a break away from the work once the skiffs were finished.

The club’s cannon that we were given by the Duyfken foundation has lingered around the back of the Bosuns shed and is duly trotted out each year for the opening days of power and sail. While we aren’t in charge of making it go BANG, we have been given the task of a restoration. The cannon and its carriage have been separated and even the brass plaque has been removed to be refurbished. The barrel will be given a good scrub down and a repaint (black is good) There will be a concerted effort to remove what has been put down the muzzle entrance as well. The carriage and its wheels are a different matter as the metal work needs attention and the wheels need to be glued back together. The axles however have to be restored as they have decayed quite badly.

Having suffered quite badly during the last two summers, the bosuns have put a second hand evaporative air conditioner on the roof and it should be a saving grace on those hot summer days. While we cant tell you how it got up there, it was up pretty quickly and in place thanks to some clever people we have on the team.

Building frames for the Windsurfer Worlds is the name of the game and with a couple of frames out on the centreboard lawns already, it’s going to be an ongoing story for a month or so. The club members have already taken a liking to them with the junior members of the centreboards playing games in and around them. Hold on folks, we’ve got a fair few more to make… plenty for everyone.

But please take care near them as they are not made as exercise frames.

The club is looking for rowers for the two skiffs besides the teams from the fleets and if you contact Bob Harrap on 0407 991 901 or John Midolo on 0419 964 971, they will help you get going as a rower.

Rick Steuart for the Bosuns club