The much converted Xantippe trophy is named after the boat, in honour of the late Barry Brittan, which he campaigned with navigator Madeliene Rennie for 25 years.   Madeliene spoke about Barry before presenting the flags and trophy.

The muggy overcast night meant no moon or starlight this year to assist boats around the 2 lap 55 minute course at 8 knots. The fleet of 19 boats included visitors Peter & Jenny Wilkinson and David & Rebecca Bovell from CYC, Ray & Gary Smith from RPYC and Des Stanway & Chris Lee from SYC.who were welcomed and presented with port by Vice Commodore John Midolo.

The bent prop award was presented to Amazon for the brightest, spotlight used by “spotter” Sharon Horne, to light up the spit posts and the stat box, almost blinding the start crew. It paid off though, with Steve Wall’s Amazon winning the Xantippe trophy with just 6 points lost, followed by John and Lynne Cooper Purrfect winners of the port fleet with 11 points.

Port Fleet

  1. Purrfect John & Lynne Cooper 11pts
  2. Champuss Clarry Wrenstead & Richard Evans 20pts
  3. Crystal C Ian & Anne Howard 27pts

Starboard Fleet

  1. Amazon Steve Wall & Amanda Watson 6 pts
  2. Noah Gendah Ray & Gary Smith 13pts
  3. Dalusional Troy Dalglish & Dee Kelly 17 pts

The Wooden Spoon was awarded to the only yacht, Windjana Laurence & Lewis Hanson 176 pts.

2019 season marks the 15th year for team Amazon, of Steve Wall and Amanda Watson with Friday night’s win seeing their names on the Xantippe trophy for the 5th occasion.

The Time Trialling start crew farewells Margaret Copper, who is off travelling in NSW and welcomes newcomer John Meldrum, who commented the Check Point computer program is a bit daunting, but he’s looking forward to learning the ropes this season. Chief Starter Garry Morrison and longtime start team members PC Frank Dalglish and wife Barbara will also be travelling during the 2019 season.

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