Rear Commodore Wins Colin Wilson Memorial


Rear Commodore Troy Dalglish and Mike Irving (who was standing in for Victoria Blanckensee) took out least points lost and with it, the Colin Wilson Memorial Trophy in last Saturday’s time trial.

Colin Wilson is the only person in the Club’s history to have held office as both Club Manager and Commodore. After retiring he continued to play a very active role in club affairs including being part of the start team until he became too ill to continue. Colin was represented by his daughters Sue Smith and Megan Berry, who came to the Club with their husbands to present pennants and the trophy.

Many humorous stories came out as nominations were read for the Bent Prop, ranging from minor misdemeanours like leaving fenders overboard to a couple of late starters to the eventual winner Bob Wright, who managed to pass the wrong side of both the prohibited area marker and also the inner start mark.

Great to see the newcomers starting to settle in, too.  Simon, Steven and Nathan all recorded double figures while Brian and Marion are starting to come to terms with the game.

Next weekend is the first State Heat, which is hosted by our club and followed by dinner.  We hope you all stay for dinner afterwards and remember – it’s a State heat so you have to nominate.