Tackers 1 – Enrol

Tackers 1 – Having Fun Course Dates

Monday 24 to Friday 28 September, 2018 (0830 – 1230)
Monday 1 to Friday 5 October, 2018  (0830 – 1230)
Saturday 20 October to Saturday 17 November (0830 – 12.30)


Tackers is an introductory, fun, games-based sailing program designed for 7 to 12 year olds. Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience and they don’t have to be a member of a club to participate. All the equipment, including the boats, is provided. Read the Info for Parents page for all the information needed as a parent.

Kids play loads of games and go on adventures together to learn how to sail. There isn’t a court, a pitch or an oval like other sports, instead you have the river to explore. Read the Info for Kids page to find out all the fun you could have doing Tackers.

Tackers 1 is a 20 hour course, 4 hour lessons x 5 days either during the school holidays or on a Saturday morning.