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South of Perth Yacht Club

Coffee Point, Applecross, Perth, WA 6153

Staff Contacts


Our office hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Call the office on 9364 5844 or click on the contact name to make an online inquiry.

General Manager David Harries



Pens & Moorings Jess Oakley

Reception Claire Jameson

Finance and Administration Manager Sharon Caspersz

Accounts Lydia Taylor/Sara Leal

Sponsorships & Publications Lynda Mackillican

Membership Coordinator Ashleigh Damore

On Water Group

Sailing Development Manager Mikael Lundh

Head Coach Tessa Parkinson

Sailing Administrator Scott Nunn

One Water Group Administrator Fiona Henderson

Power Administrator Bernie Kaaks

Food & Beverage / Functions

Food & Beverage Manager Fiona Whife

Restaurant Bookings Reception

Bosun and Travel Marine Lift

Bosun Robbie Wilson

Bosun David Locke

Bosun’s Phone number: 0412 528 270

Management Committee Contacts

Flag Officers

Commodore Phil Warwick

Vice Commodore John Midolo

Rear Commodore Carl Pettersson

Rear Commodore  Michael Cook


Click Here to Contact our Committee Members

Treasurer Bradley Abbott

Pens & Moorings Justin Taylor

Works Timothy Walker

Sponsorships Cally Browning

Training & Development Michael Coote

Security Simon Stone

Membership Wayne Marshall

Captain & Vice Captain Contacts

Click Here to Contact our Captain or Vice Captains (To be updated after Club Management Committee Meeting 10/9/18)

Sailing Captain Terry Newby

Sailing Vice Captain

Centreboard Captain Kate Jones

Centreboard Vice Captain

Power Yacht Captain Amanda Watson

Power Yacht Vice Captain John Spanos

Ocean Racing Captain Chris Hind

Ocean Racing Vice Captain Warren Erasmus

Cruising Captain Jan Becker

Cruising Vice Captain Daniel Steel


After Hours Security Services – MCS Security phone number: 0413 362 877