South of Perth Yacht Club, as an Organising Authority has a duty of care to ensure that all competing boats meet a minimum level of safety while racing. This applies to SoPYC registered boats as well as visiting boats. The Australian Sailing Special Regulations specify in detail what a boat’s safety requirements are for each level of race category. An Equipment Audit Form is a safety checklist based on the Special Regulations which the Skipper or person in charge of the boat completes and declares compliant.

Special Regulations
OTB Audit Form

Eligibility to Race

An Equipment Audit Form must be submitted to the On Water Group prior to your first race of each season to be eligible for results as per the Notice of Race. Other clubs may also require race category compliance prior to entry at their event. They may contact the On Water Group for confirmation of your compliance or require a copy of your Equipment Audit Form sent to them directly.

What happens next?

Once you have completed your Equipment Audit Form either via the paper form (available above) or through your YachtSafe account, SoPYC Auditors may contact you sometime during the summer season to carry out an inspection to assess compliance.  If during the inspection, the Auditor finds any shortcomings, the Skipper is given time to meet full compliance.

What is Yacht Safe?

Currently the club is not accessing YachtSafe as a database to draw from, and do require that any necessary documents are sent through via email, the forms provided online or in person to the OWG office and staff. However you are free to use this service to store documents and data as you deem necessary for your own benefit.

Essentially Yacht Safe is a free online program that allows submission and storage of a boat’s Equipment Audit Form. Unlike when completing the paper forms, Yacht Safe will help you fill out every section correctly saving you some possible embarrassment and frustration with a returned incomplete paper form. Your submitted form will be stored in your Yacht Safe account for future reference.

All paper forms received by On Water Group will be saved in Yacht Safe for each boat. If you would like further information, please contact On Water Group or read the Yacht Safe introduction below.

Yacht Safe Introduction
Yacht Safe login