South of Perth Yacht Club, as an Organising Authority has a duty of care to ensure that all competing boats meet a minimum level of safety while racing. This applies to SoPYC registered boats as well as visiting boats. The Australian Sailing Special Regulations specify in detail what a boat’s safety requirements are for each level of race category. An Equipment Audit Form is a safety checklist based on the Special Regulations which the Skipper or person in charge of the boat completes and declares compliant.

Special Regulations

Eligiblity to Race

An Equipment Audit Form must be submitted to the On Water Group prior to your first race of each season to be eligible for results as per the Notice of Race. Other clubs may also require race category compliance prior to entry at their event. They may contact the On Water Group for confirmation of your compliance or require a copy of your Equipment Audit Form sent to them directly.

You can either email your forms through to our OWG Admin at


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Alternatively you can stop by our OWG office and have our friendly admin staff create a copy for record.

Which form do I need?

The minimum category of race for the event you wish to enter will be detailed in the Notice of Race. For example, Keelboat racing on the Swan River during daylight hours is covered by Category 7. As you venture out onto the ocean the more stringent the requirements become up to Category 2 for the Geraldton Ocean Classic. Higher categories will cover lower category requirements, i.e. Cat 2 will also be good for river racing. So you only need to complete one form for the event you wish to enter that has the highest race category.

Please make your selection from the options below:

Category 7 – Suitable for Keelboat races conducted on the Swan River

Short races in sheltered waters, in daylight hours only and with effective rescue availability. Boats not complying with Rule 3.01.3 (Special Regulations 2017-2021 Part 1) are not required to carry buoyancy.

Category 7 Form

Category 6 – Suitable for the Billy Run and some other inshore day races

Short races close to the shoreline in protected waters, in daylight hours only and with effective rescue availability.

Category 6 Form

Category 5 – Suitable for night racing on the Swan River.

Races with limited rescue availability, in protected waters, in daylight hours or in sheltered waters at night.

Category 5 Form

Category 4 – Suitable for some types of short offshore day racing eg. The Centaur Run

Short offshore races, close to shore in relatively warm or protected waters, normally held in daylight.

Category 4 Form

Category 3 – Suitable for some shorter coastal overnight offshore races.

Offshore races across open water, most of which is relatively protected or close to shorelines.

Inspection by an National Equipment Auditor (NEA) is mandatory prior to the race.

Category 3 Form

Category 2 – Suitable for extended coastal overnight offshore races such as the Geraldton Ocean Classic.

Offshore races of extended duration along or not far removed from shorelines or in large unprotected bays or lakes, where a high degree of self-sufficiency is required of the yachts.

Inspection by an National Equipment Auditor (NEA) is mandatory prior to the race.

Category 2 Form

What happens next?

Once you have completed your Equipment Audit Form, submit it to the On Water Group. Generally for category 7 and 6 races, the form does not require a mandatory inspection by one of the Club’s appointed Auditors. SoPYC Auditors currently carry out random inspections throughout the summer season to assess compliance with the selected race category. If your boat is chosen for an inspection, an Auditor will contact you to arrange a convenient time to meet you at your boat for a quick and friendly inspection. If during the inspection, the Auditor finds any shortcomings, the Skipper is given time to meet full compliance.

What is Yacht Safe?

Currently the club is not accessing YachtSafe as a database to draw from, and do require that any necessary documents are sent through via email, the forms provided online or in person to the OWG office and staff. However you are free to use this service to store documents and data as you deem necessary for your own benefit.

Essentially Yacht Safe is a free online program that allows submission and storage of a boat’s Equipment Audit Form. Unlike when completing the paper forms, Yacht Safe will help you fill out every section correctly saving you some possible embarrassment and frustration with a returned incomplete paper form. Your submitted form will be stored in your Yacht Safe account for future reference.

All paper forms received by On Water Group will be saved in Yacht Safe for each boat. If you would like further information, please contact On Water Group or read the Yacht Safe introduction below.

Yacht Safe Introduction
Yacht Safe login