Tuesday 13 August 2019- Issue 351

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 14 August 2019
Mid-week Winter Series Race 4 - 1435hrs
Thursday 15 August 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $1050
Friday 16 August 2019
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Winter Friday Nights - A Pint & Parmy or Pizza for $25 - 1800hrs
Saturday 17 August 2019
Power Section Time Trial - CPYC State Championship Heat 4. 1400hrs
Sunday 18 August 2019
Cruising Section - Cruise to Cockburn Powerboat Association
IGA Keelboat Frostbite Series Race 8. 1355hrs
Monday 19 August 2019
Finance Committee Meeting 1800hrs
Club Information Night - Fire & Water - Warren Erasmus 1830hrs
Tuesday 20 August 2019
OWC/Regatta Committee Meeting 1700hrs
House Committee Meeting 1800hrs

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R Marine Mandurah Time Trial Trophy 10 August 2019

A perfect Day for the R Marine Mandurah Trophy. As is sometimes the case when the weather is kind, some fancy scores were posted last Saturday. Open Circuit (Jim Gooding and Keith Salkeld) shared the honours with Amazon (Steve Wall and Dianne Ward), both posting a very respectable 3 points for the course. First place in the port fleet went …
Read more here
Friday Winter Special vs2


Boats requiring measuring for AMS / SMS rating certificates for this coming season can make a booking by clicking here.
Division 1 Club Championship results are based on AMS
Sports Boat Club Championship results are based on SMS
Interclub Invitational Series Division 1 & Division 2 results include AMS

The next race in this 10-race series is on this Sunday. If you wish to enter, please click here
Results so far are available by clicking here.
Safety & Sea Survival Course
The SSS course at FSC starting Tuesday 17 September is already fully booked!
Anyone intending to compete in the Geraldton Ocean Classic and still needs to either complete the full course or do a refresher, there may still be an opportunity.
Please contact FSC Sailing Manager, Travis Burtenshaw.
Phone: 9435 8821 Email:
Freo course

Head Coach Report 6 August 2019

Last Sunday saw the return of Group 2 to the Applecross Cup for Pelicans, 125’s, Windsurfer LT and a few Flying 15’s.

It’s always a balance of sailing the wind or the fleet in these shifty North Easterly’s. Nice job in the below image by Georgette and Alex, taking the covering option.
1 Pelican Covering
I was sailing on a Windsurfer LT and it’s always good for the vibe of a regatta to have boats respecting each other’s fleet racing. I noticed several of the 125’s making slight adjustments to their course to accommodate others on the layline even when on the right of way tack. Good job.
2 125s
Last Friday, SoPYC launched OutThere Sailing with Paddle boarding, Windsurfing, Hobie Sailing, Power boating and Scurfing. Photos by Rick Steuart.
3 OutThere Sailing at SoPYC Banner
The OutThere Sailing initiative is an Australia wide format to promote fun sporting activities for 12-17 year olds. Sailing is one of the identified sports and this program aligns with SoPYC goals with similar courses run in the past.
The course is the ideal way to have fun and get active on the water and is all about:
  • Having fun while experiencing sailing.
  • Socialising with friends and making new ones.
  • Learning how to sail in an inclusive environment.
  • Developing life-long friendships and learning team skills.
The aim of the program is to have fun, spend time with friends and learn new skills.
The program is currently running as a pilot whilst we tweak the details. By summer we expect to be offering other variations, still designed to keep friends together.

Please see the below link for an entry into the experience Out There Sailing program running for the next 3 weeks (on Friday afternoon).

4 OutThere
Laser 4.7 Youth World Championship
Good luck to South of Perth sailor Toby Coote, competing in the Laser World 4.7’s in Toronto in a few days. Link to site

Keep smiling,
Denis, Head Coach
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Flying Fifteen Report 13 August 2019

A warm mid-winter Sunday in Perth made sailing the preferred option for a small fleet of Flying Fifteens and the shifty breeze gave everyone a chance at various stages of the afternoon. The fleet had an early scratching due to Simon Stone having an incident while rigging that will have him looking like a pirate for the next few days.

Greg and Hector (Spot the difference) won 3 of the 5 races to win the day and gain the outright lead in the Schweppes Applecross Cup series. Karen and Russell (Second Breakffast) were second with John and Kevin (She who must be obeyed) third.

Saturday night was our annual ten pin bowling competition with styles varying from the shock and awe approach by Neil White to Felicity Lillingston at a more glacial pace. Showing the benefits of a miss-spent youth, Neil White (Aussie Way) took home the chocolates ahead of the ever-competitive Graeme Lillingston. A banquet was then served at the local Indian restaurant as a farewell to the South of Perth sailors heading to Ireland for the Worlds at the end of this month. Unfortunately, none of the photos survived the censor!
CP photo Aug11 small
ABOVE: Second on the day, Karen and Russell (Second Breakffast) with the Commodore
Fire and Water 4
Racing Rules 1
Cruising Logo
Cockburn Cruise poster vs 7 2019
Upriver Cruise 2019 small
Cruising Calendar 2019 August

Get the Team App "AHOY" to follow all the Cruising section's events online.

South of Perth Yacht Club has a pair of black swans in residence this winter

Some of you may have noticed her (the pen) in the rocks on the nor-west side of the club. She’s one of a mated pair that has taken up residence at the club and her partner (the cob) shares the role of incubation and rearing of the cygnets once they have hatched.

They will spend the next few weeks in rearing the cygnets and during this time they will act protectively toward their young and it’s a good idea to keep clear of them. They will move toward you hissing and raising their wings, but if you move away and keep an eye on their movements you’ll notice that they will retreat to the nest and the cygnets.

Please don’t try to feed them or the cygnets as they are vegetarians and have plenty of food available in the neighbouring shallow waters around the club.

At this time of year, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your young children and ensure that they are warned not to go near either the swans or their young. Observe them from a distance and enjoy the sight of the truly unique specimens of the black swan of Western Australia.

To those of you who have dogs, they really shouldn’t be at the club; but if they are, please keep them away from the swans as they could upset the swans and cause them to become aggressive.

Look forward to the next few months as the cygnets hatch and the club becomes home to the newest pair of parents on the river.

Many thanks,
Rick Steuart
Diva Show vs3

Checkpoint Duty Roster 2019

Saturday 17 August 2019
LAZY LODGE Steven MacMillan
OUTSIDER Quentin Webster
PATRICE Matthew Eastaugh

Saturday 24 August 2019
SEADHUCER Geoff Simmons
AUSTIN’S POWER Darren Austin
NEVERMIND Todd Forknall
REVERIE Alan Polglaze
MINSTRAL Peter Moore
PIPE DREAM II Garry Millett
ABEELAS Brian Saleeba
FINOVOLA Murray MacLean
LADY CLAIRE Brian Easterbrook

Saturday 31 August 2019
ENDLESS SUMMER Michael Holtham
MEROO Joe Curtis
FARRAGO Petrus Vlaar
SERENITY John Leccesse
ADINA Andrew Tait
TANDERRA Tony Rikkers

Saturday 7 September 2019
HIGH SEAS Thomas Vermeltoort
HAMSA Michael Matthews
SHANKARA Stephen Broadhurst
MARSHALL LAW Wayne Marshall
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