R Marine Mandurah Trophy 10 August

A perfect Day for the R Marine Mandurah Trophy.

As is sometimes the case when the weather is kind, some fancy scores were posted last Saturday. Open Circuit (Jim Gooding and Keith Salkeld) shared the honours with Amazon (Steve Wall and Dianne Ward), both posting a very respectable 3 points for the course.

First place in the port fleet went to a delighted Morrie Stevens and Tom Armstrong on 12 points, just edging out Peter and Richard Melsom on 13, while Open Circuit was third on 14.

It was a shame that Paul Stott had other things to do, for he failed to be there to collect the very handsome R Marine Trophy.  Trailer Trash (Paul Stott and Peter Black) won the event with a 9 point total, just shading Emily May (Bob Wright and Roger Rowson) on 10 points. Indiana (Brian and Tina Smith) rounded off the podium with 13 points.

The hard-luck story of the day belonged to Thanet (Guy Skinner and Leanne Fallows) who had the misfortune of setting their computer exactly one minute out to amass 620 points for the day.  The real irony in this is that without the drama they actually only lost 10 points off the stick! Bent prop and wooden spoon – all in one outing.

A word too, about our checkpoints.  It has to be said that checkpoint teams do a pretty good job, but last Saturday they were terrific.  A couple with little or no previous experience sat down to watch the “how-to” video before venturing out to the course and without exception, they did a great job. It’s been said by many checkpoint volunteers that it is actually a pretty good excuse to take the boat for a run!

This weekend sees the running of heat 4 of the State Championship series, so competition will be keen.