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Tuesday 16 April 2019 - Issue 334

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 17 April 2019
Sailability has finished for the Winter - it will resume again in October
Batavia Longboat Trips 1000hrs to 1500hrs
Mid-week Summer Series Race 15. 1435hrs
Cruise in Company FINAL (Sunset 1847hrs) 1800hrs
New Members Induction Night 1830hrs
Thursday 18 April 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $2,650
Friday 19 April 2019
Good Friday - CLUB CLOSED
Reserved Championship Long Weekend
Flying 15 States at EBYC
125 States at PRSC
Cruising Section - Easter Weekend Cruise to Quindalup
No Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing today
Saturday 20 April 2019
No Club Racing
OTB Easter Regatta - HYC
Sunday 21 April 2019
Easter Sunday
No Club Racing
Monday 22 April 2019
Easter Monday
Kitchen open until 1700hrs, Bar open until 1900hrs
Tuesday 23 April 2019
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Batavia's Longboat will be at the Club tomorrow for FREE sailing trips between 1000hrs and 1500hrs. To book a sail, please contact Claire on 9364 5844 as spots are limited.
Batavias Longboatvs1

In Memoriam

South of Perth Yacht Club would like to acknowledge the passing of Sydney Corser OBE AM 1930-2019.

Syd Corser joined South of Perth Yacht Club from its early beginnings sailing a VJ (Vauclause Junior) that he built at home aged 15. As an apprentice carpenter at the time of the first Clubhouse being built, he spent a lot of his time assisting with the building. His boats were all named "Darkie" after the pattern made on the water by a wind gust and they were painted black.

Success in sailing came quickly and Syd won 2 Club Championships in the VJ's and 4 State Championships from 1951- 1955.

The next step up was to design a new style 14ft dinghy and he won numerous championships including 3 Australian titles from 1958 to 1961.

In 1962 Syd joined Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club to take up the challenge of sailing in Olympic classes of yachts, all named "Darkie" but no longer painted black. Syd went on to win numerous national sailing championships sailing in Dragons, Solings and Etchells and represented Australia in regattas in the USA, Sweden, Norway and Italy. He retired from sailing Etchells only in 1997.

The J.E.S.S scheme was also a result of his drive and commitment, while run through RFBYC, it was open to all junior sailors and saw many SoPYC members sail in Europe in the first a fleet of 420s then 29ers at such prestigious regattas as Kiel Week and Travemunde with the state's top coaches including Huck Scott and John Cassidy.

Syd was instrumental in establishing the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation that provides financial support to yacht clubs and competitors, including West Australian Olympic Gold Medal winners. In 1986 he was awarded yachting’s highest honour, the Ron Tough Gold Medal, in recognition of his services to the sport.

On many occasions, he continued to assist South of Perth by providing advice, support and guidance to various planning reviews.

From Colin Metcher.
My first recollection of Syd Corser was as a thirteen-year-old boy with my first old (very old) VJ at the South Perth Yacht Club at Como. Syd, eight years older than me, was my hero and we could only just wonder at his immaculate black “Darkie” which would win many championships. As I gradually worked my way up the ranks with better boats, Syd moved into the 14s and continued success with perfectly prepared boats all black and all named “Darkie”. Attention to detail and diligent maintenance (which I, unfortunately, was too slack to emulate) combined with his skill as a sailor ensured success in every class he contested. I remember a new cold moulded 14 of a “Charles Marshall” design being built in the clubhouse and it was the latest thing which drew much anticipation. Unfortunately for his rivals, Syd had built a new Darkie to a Len Randell hard chine design and it blitzed everything. I learnt just how well set up were Syd’s boats when I steered Darkie in a couple of races (Syd must have been sick or away) and found basically that one almost couldn’t avoid winning in his boat.
We boys were lucky to have sailors and young men like Syd as examples to try to emulate. It was a time of change with the freeway being planned and thanks to such forward-thinking club leaders such as Frank Corser, Dave Robins, my dad Ian and others who paved the way for the club as it is today.

Great to have known you Syd and very proud to share the club honour board with you.
Colin Metcher.

Below: Syd Corser left, gives advice to young skippers.
On behalf of the Flag Officers, Management Committee, staff, and members we extend our sincere condolences to the Corser family.

Written with the assistance of Past Commodore and Vice Patron Colin Cowden and Mr. Colin Metcher.
Members are reminded to help secure our collective property by taking an active interest in the goings-on at the club, asking questions of others, and taking action to appropriately secure your chattels stored at our Club. In short, be burglar aware.

During Saturday night and Sunday morning, thieves breached the chain link fence on the western boundary of the Western Hardstand and broke into 17 vessels. Members possessions were removed to the fence breach for loading into a car parked on the path. These people were disturbed by our security guard (we have full-time foot patrols of the Club every night) and consequently the thieves abandoned a good portion of what they were in the process of loading. The vehicle registration details were recorded, and early indications from the WA Police indicate that the likely perpetrators are known to them.

This is the largest and most brazen theft from the Club ever, and while the losses were somewhat mitigated by the vigilance of the foot patrolman, it is a reminder that we can work together as club members to mitigate our risk of a repeat.

We can all take steps to support our investment in security patrols and surveillance technology. What you can do is:
  • Be vigilant - Keep an eye out for suspicious activity & report anything that doesn’t look right. (Call our Security Company MCS on 0413 362 877).
  • Mitigate risk - Remove valuables from your vessels where practical.
  • Reduce temptation - Keep valuable portable goods such as fishing equipment, gensets, outboards, scuba equipment, and alcohol either offsite or out of sight. Lock access points.
  • Cover potential losses - Ensure your property insurance is appropriate and adequate for the value of your property.
  • Be safe - Do not put yourself at risk through aggressive verbal challenges or physically engaging a suspicious person. Goods can be replaced. People cannot.
Some members have expressed a desire to see new physical access barriers introduced, and these requests have been considered in the context of the competing needs of the Club’s budget. The Security Committee takes a holistic view of risk and risk mitigation, and while fences and gates may seem like an obvious solution, this is not the case. Our Security Committee includes very experienced security and risk practitioners from industry, and you should have confidence in how we go about allocating scarce Club resources to best effect.

Members should note that theft does occur from the water and that you should not assume that if it cannot be seen from the jetty, it can’t be seen.

The Security Committee has received support from the Management Committee for a proposed upgrade of the video surveillance infrastructure at the Club, and this will be a valuable contribution to improving the security of our members, staff and property. The planning is underway to implement this expansion, with function areas being prioritised to ensure the safety and security of members, staff and guests are addressed.

Details of the upgrade plan will be shared with members as the plans are matured.

The introduction of our security patrols has demonstrably reduced the frequency of theft and damage at the Club, however, we are likely to continue to see opportunistic theft from persons looking for a quick buck from the easy sale of stolen goods online.

Members should feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Simon Stone, Chair – Security Committee

The Special General Meeting (Rules and ByLaws Meeting) scheduled for 8.30pm Tuesday 16th April 2019 has been postponed.

The meeting is now scheduled for THURSDAY 16th MAY 2019 AT 7.00PM.

The Half Yearly General Meeting will continue as scheduled tonight 7.00pm, Tuesday 16th April 2019.

The Management Committee has endeavoured to provide members with a final draft of the Rules and ByLaws to be considered at the Special General Meeting that was organised for Tuesday 16th April. However, receiving a number of proposed amendments from members, a week out from the meeting, presented the Management Committee with the question of how best to convey the proposed amendments to members allowing members sufficient time to consider the changes. The options were:
  • reissue of the Rules and ByLaws annotating the suggested changes within the documents and proceed with the meeting;
  • distributing fresh documentation setting out the proposed amendments that the Management Committee themselves had had little time to consider and discuss a few days prior to the meeting; or
  • presenting the proposed amendments on the night of the meeting which meant the Management Committee would be across the suggestions but members would not have had sufficient time to consider the impact of the changes proposed.
It was resolved that the appropriate answer was to cancel the meeting and set another date so members and the committee could properly consider the proposed amendments to the Rules and ByLaws and present to members a consolidated, complete draft of the Rules and ByLaws to consider.

Should any members have amendments they would like considered, please lodge them with the Secretary at by Monday, 29th April 2019, so a clean, final draft can be distributed to members. To avoid a recurrence of the current circumstances, no further written amendments will be accepted. Members may propose amendments at the meeting for consideration. If any proposed amendments presented at the meeting are material in nature, they may have to be referred back to all members so it is preferable that proposed changes are submitted by 29th April. This will enable the Management Committee, with the assistance of Elph Hensler, to consider any further proposed amendments and present a recommended draft of the Rules and ByLaws to members for adoption at 7.00pm on Thursday 16th May 2019.

Club Wheelbarrows

A reminder to all members with a vessel in the marina that wheelbarrows are a shared resource. Once you have emptied your wheelbarrow please return it to the start of the gangway so that other members have the opportunity to use them.
PART_1554781327445 (002)
Power Logo 3 High Res Png

Power Section Opening Day Saturday 4 May 2019

Power Yacht Opening Day Poster 19

Click below for a gallery of photos from the Power Section's Pre-season Cocktail Party 12 April 2019

F15 Logo

Flying Fifteen Club Fleet Report 16 April 2019

Final preparations for the State Championships on Sunday with a rarely seen north-westerly keeping both race officer and competitor on their toes and exposing a few weaknesses, physical, mental and material, that might need attention before Easter. A broken forestay deck fitting allowed John and Kevin (She Who Must Be Obeyed) to have an early shower and prompted all the …

Read more and photo here.

Offshore Notes 16 April 2019

Fremantle to Albany Race 12 April 2019 (Cat 2 race Amended for HF and Medical) Royal Perth Yacht Club’s Fremantle to Albany race attracted a fleet of ten, ranging from Alan Stein's GP42 Dirty Deeds to Paul Schapper’s graceful Bowman ketch Toroa IV. Much interest centred on the performance of the two Jeanneau 3600’s in the race. Todd Giraudo’s Kraken …

Read more and gallery here.
Anzac Day Service 2019

Club Policy and Rules for "Fixtures" on Jetties and Pens

It is timely to remind members of the Club’s policy regarding “fixtures” to jetty walkways and fingers. A fixture is an item that is screwed, bolted or glued to the jetty walkway or finger. In accordance with By Law 8.12, members must seek the written consent of the Club prior to attaching fixtures to any jetty or finger. Examples of fixtures are rubber fendering, dock wheels and general boat fenders, mooring rope upstands, wire and rope strop’s connected to cleats to assist in mooring a vessel entering and exiting pens. Whilst the Club is generally happy to grant consent for fixtures they are installed in accordance with the Club’s anti-corrosion protocols such a protective coating for dissimilar metals, nylon separators etc. All fixtures and fittings must be registered at each pen and the register updated when and where updates or replacement items are fitted. The installation is at the member's expense and the fixtures and fittings become the property of the Club. When members vacate or change pens, the fixtures and rubber “D” fendering and dock wheels remain in the pen. Should the club have to replace the fixtures that have been removed by the pen occupier, members may be charged for the replacement cost.


Over the Easter break, while there is no Club racing, we wish all those competing in state championship events, the best of luck.

Flying Fifteen’s will be competing in their State Championships at Esperance Bay Yacht Club and the 125’s will be racing at Princess Royal Sailing Club in Albany.

Please be informed that the Mid Week race on Wednesday 1 May will be a Pursuit Race and will count towards consistency.
A, B & H28 fleets remain unchanged.
Click here for the Supplementary Sailing Instructions.
Click here for the Notice to Competitors
Start times will be made available a few days before and emailed directly to skippers.

Closing Day / Commodore’s Cup will come with Supplementary Sailing Instructions and start times. These will be made available in the next few days. Skipper’s will be notified by email.

Centreboard Prize Night - 11th May
Keelboat Prize Night - 24th May
Keep reading your Coffee Pointers for more details - coming soon!

Our Winter Off The Beach racing series has had a bit of a revamp. SoPYC’s premier Off The Beach Regatta – The Applecross Cup, now incorporates all the traditional SOLO Winter Series race days together with Schweppes’ continued sponsorship offering even more great prizes and best of all without an entry fee. Entries have already begun rolling in. For further details on how to enter or volunteer, please click here.

From May to September, the APPLECROSS CUP SERIES will be run over 8 race days. That’s 8 days requiring mark laying teams and safety boat drivers and crew. Parents, partners and friends of competitors, a great way to get close to the action is actually being in it. There are powerboat handling courses on offer in May if you’re keen on upskilling.
Please contact Scott Nunn, Sailing Administrator for further details or click here for further event information.

Keelboat Course flyer march 2019
Power Boat Training 1 A4

On Behalf of Rules Chairperson Christina Heydon,

National Judge. Week 8

Another Mark Rounding case!
This case may look similar to last weeks, but look closer.
Case 93 last week, Case 95 this week.
Further: Reminder: “World Sailing publishes interpretations of the racing rules in The Case Book for 2017-2020 and recognizes them as the authoritative interpretations and explanations of the rules.”
Case 95 produced below, including the diagram that is included with the case. The coloured diagram and notes (at the end) are my TSS creation and I have included my notes ex the case notes.

Definitions: “Mark-Room” & “Room”
Rule 18.1(a), Mark-Room: When Rule 18 Applies
Rule 18.2(b), Mark-Room: Giving Mark-Room
Rule 18.3, Mark-Room: Tacking in the Zone
Rule 21(b), Exoneration
Rule 64.1(a), Decisions: Penalties and Exoneration
If two overlapped boats on the same tack are on a beat to windward and are subject to rule 18.2(b), rule 18 ceases to apply when either of them turns past head to wind. When a boat is required to give another boat mark-room, the space she must give includes space for the other boat to comply with rule 31. When the boat entitled to mark-room is compelled to touch the mark while sailing within the mark-room to which she is entitled, she is exonerated for her breach of rule 31.
week 8 rules 1
  1. Approaching the windward mark, Jagga and Freebird were overlapped on port tack, Freebird being between one and two boat-lengths to leeward.
  2. Freebird tacked and entered the zone on starboard tack.
  3. Jagga then tacked into a position to windward of Freebird.
  4. Jagga luffed so that her swinging stern required Freebird to change course to avoid contact, which she did, touching the mark as a result.
  5. Freebird protested. The protest committee disqualified Jagga under rule 18.3. Jagga appealed on the grounds that, because she was an inside overlapped boat when she entered the zone, she was entitled to room to pass the mark.
  1. When Jagga reached the zone she was overlapped inside Freebird. From that time until Freebird turned past head to wind, rule 18.2(b) required Freebird to give Jagga mark-room.
  2. When Freebird turned past head to wind, the boats were on opposite tacks on a beat to windward, and so rule 18 ceased to apply (see rule 18.1(a)).
  3. After Freebird completed her tack, she had right of way under rule 10, but initially she was subject to rule 15. She complied with that rule because Jagga had room to keep clear by crossing ahead of her.
  4. Between positions 2 and 3 Jagga passed head to wind and was then on the same tack as Freebird. At that time Jagga was fetching the mark and Freebird had been on starboard tack since entering the zone, so rule 18.3 began to apply.
  5. While rule 18.3 applied, rule 18.2 did not. However, a short time later when Jagga completed her tack, Freebird was overlapped inside her, and Jagga was required by rule 18.3 to give Freebird
  1. After Jagga crossed ahead of Freebird, Freebird had right of way, first under rule 10, then under rule 13 and finally under rule 11. Therefore, Jagga had no protection from rule 15 during that time.
  2. After position 3, rule 11 required Jagga to sail so that Freebird could ‘sail her course with no need to take avoiding action’ (see the definition Keep Clear).
  3. The fact that, when Jagga luffed, Freebird had to change course to avoid contact was evidence that Jagga broke rule 11 by not keeping clear. Also, when Jagga luffed she did not give Freebird space to sail to the mark and comply with her obligation under rule 31. Therefore, Jagga broke rule 18.3 (see also the definitions Mark-Room and Room).
  4. The protest committee correctly disqualified Jagga under rule 18.3, but she also broke rule 11. Freebird broke rule 31 when she touched the mark, but she is exonerated under either rule 21(b) or rule 64.1(a). Jagga’s appeal is dismissed.
rules week 8 2
Club Fuel Prices Today imagejpeg

Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.46

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.49

Support Crew Roster 2019

Saturday 27 April 2019
MISFORTUNE Stuart Pidgeon
INDIANA Brian Smith

Sunday 28 April 2019
R BAR Chris Pearson
CARMA Mark Harper

Members Restaurant operating hours:

Good Friday Club Closed
Easter Monday Kitchen Open until 1700hrs, Bar Open until 1900hrs
Tuesday Lunch only 1200hrs - 1500hrs
Wednesday to Saturday 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Sunday's 1200hs - 2000hrs
To make a reservation call 9364 5844 or email us here
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