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Tuesday 9 April 2019 - Issue 333

This Week at a Glance

Wednesday 10 April 2019
Sailability Confirmed 1000hrs
Mid-week Summer Series Race 14. 1435hrs
Cruise in Company (Sunset 1854hrs) 1800hrs
Thursday 11 April 2019
Flavoursome Thursday/Chase the Ace - Jackpot $2,600
Cruising Committee Meeting 1930hrs
Friday 12 April 2019
Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Racing 1430hrs
Ocean Racing - Fremantle to Albany Race (RPYC)
Power Section Pre-season Cocktail Party 1900hrs
Saturday 13 April 2019
School Holidays Begin
Saturday Summer Series Race 17. 1325hrs
Sunday 14 April 2019
OTB Multiple Race Series Day 10 1325hrs
Wooden Boats - Swan River Retro Series Race 7
Power Section - Practical Time Trial Training Day 0930hrs
Monday 15 April 2019
On Water Committee/Regatta Meeting 1730hrs
Finance Committee Meeting 1800hrs
Tuesday 16 April 2019
SoPYC HALF-YEARLY MEETING - Ballroom 1900hrs
(Special General Meeting Rules & By-Laws meeting postponed until Thursday 16th May 2019)
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The Rules and Bylaws Meeting scheduled for 8.30pm Tuesday 16th April, 2019 has been postponed. The meeting is now scheduled for THURSDAY 16th MAY 2019 AT 7.00PM.

Members will receive an email notification about the change too.

The meeting has been postponed as a result of a series of amendments being submitted to the Management Committee in the last twenty-four hours. The Management Committee believes it is appropriate that all members have a reasonable time to consider the amendments rather than be confronted by changes on the night. While the Club has run five forums facilitated by Elph Hensler since late 2018 and early 2019 for members to hear about the changes to the Associations Incorporation Act (2015) and contribute to the review process and propose changes to the Constitution that reflect the way the Club operates, and drafts of the Rules and ByLaws have been on the member portal since October, 2018 the Management Committee is extending the time for members to consider the draft Rules and ByLaws that were distributed last Friday afternoon.

Should any members have amendments they would like considered, please have them lodged with the general manager by 29th April, 2019. No further amendments will be accepted after that date. This will enable the Management Committee, with the assistance of Elph Hensler, to consider any further amendments and present a recommended draft of the Rules and ByLaws to members for adoption at 7.00pm on Thursday 16th May, 2019.

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Book your tickets NOW with Claire 9364 5844

Pre-season Cocktail Party this FRIDAY

12 April 2019

South of Perth Yacht Club's Power Section invites all Members & guests to their PRE-SEASON COCKTAIL PARTY. When: 7pm Friday 12th April 2019 A sophisticated evening to catch up with friends before the Power Season starts. Live music by Chelsea Gibson. Tickets: $42 for a sumptuous cocktail food and a complimentary beer, wine, sparking or soft drink on arrival. Dress: Men, …

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Flying Fifteen Club Racing Fleet Report 9 April 2019

Moderate conditions greeted the 13 boat fleet on Sunday for a brief return to the long form of club racing. John and Matt got Ffast Lane 4 off the line quickly and established a large lead to be fastest but it was the brothers Vance (Jeff and Greg) in the other Ffast Lane that took the points on consistency. A …

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Cruising Butterflies 2019 Photo Gallery

The annual Cruising Butterflies event is when we invite children with special needs and their families for a morning out on the water, followed by a sausage sizzle lunch for all those involved. It's a great opportunity to help others, by volunteering your time and your boat. Look out for this event again next year! For more information about the day …

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Ocean Racing Report 9 April 2019

The 2019 CAPE VLAMINGH RACE forms part of the Ocean Racing WA Offshore Series and the last race in the FSC Captain Stirling Cup. The race was held last Saturday with the fleet starting off North Cottesloe and offering a great spectator opportunity for those who ventured down to the beach to watch and enjoy. Hosted by Royal Freshwater Bay …

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Cape vlamingh 2019 20


Batavia's Longboat will be arriving at the Club on 16th of April and staying overnight for sailing trips on Wednesday 17th. To book a sail, please contact Claire soon on 9364 5844 as spots are limited.
Batavias Longboatvs1
Anzac Day Service 2019

Club Policy and Rules for "Fixtures" on Jetties and Pens

It is timely to remind members of the Club’s policy regarding “fixtures” to jetty walkways and fingers. A fixture is an item that is screwed, bolted or glued to the jetty walkway or finger. In accordance with By Law 8.12, members must seek the written consent of the Club prior to attaching fixtures to any jetty or finger. Examples of fixtures are rubber fendering, dock wheels and general boat fenders, mooring rope upstands, wire and rope strop’s connected to cleats to assist in mooring a vessel entering and exiting pens. Whilst the Club is generally happy to grant consent for fixtures they are installed in accordance with the Club’s anti-corrosion protocols such a protective coating for dissimilar metals, nylon separators etc. All fixtures and fittings must be registered at each pen and the register updated when and where updates or replacement items are fitted. The installation is at the member's expense and the fixtures and fittings become the property of the Club. When members vacate or change pens, the fixtures and rubber “D” fendering and dock wheels remain in the pen. Should the club have to replace the fixtures that have been removed by the pen occupier, members may be charged for the replacement cost.


South of Perth Yacht Club hosted the Interclubs last weekend, which saw teams representing 8 clubs competing for the best club in the state. This year it went to Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.
South of Perth scored an impressive 3rd overall. Below is the breakdown per session:

Veterans Series 3rd
Womens Series 6th
Open 1 Series 2nd
Open 2 Series 2nd
Overall 3rd
Well done Team SoPYC! But don’t go away, we’ll be in touch with you again shortly.

Inter Club Championships April 5th - 7th 2019

Click on this link for a photo gallery of the event & to Read more
Interclubs-SoPYC is blue
Please be informed that the Mid Week race on Wednesday 1 May will be a Pursuit Race and will count towards consistency.
A, B & H28 fleets remain unchanged.

Click here for the Supplementary Sailing Instructions.
Click here for the Notice to Competitors

As announced last week, please ensure you use the revised Mid Week courses this Wednesday 10 April 2019.
Hard copies are available in the racks outside the On Water Group Office.
Click here for the revised course sheet.

Entries are once again open for the annual Diggers’ Cup at Royal Perth Yacht Club on ANZAC Day, Thursday 25th April 2019.
Below is a link for registration:
Click here to register for the Diggers Cup
Entries close at 1800 Wed 17 Apr 2019.

Since the GPS Week Counter Rollover that happened last Sunday morning, it may be worth checking your GPS again.
Some older GPS units may have been affected in terms of receiver time and positional accuracy.
There is a GPS validation mark located on Jetty No.1 (Fuel Jetty) that you could use to help calibrate your GPS.
The official position of this is documented in the attachment and the website which describes validation markers can be found at

It looks like this and is located halfway down Jetty 1.
gps mark
32°00.079’S 115°50.820’E
Centreboard Prize Night - 11th May
Keelboat Prize Night - 24th May
Keep reading your Coffee Pointers for more details - coming soon!

Sail past and last race for Wally Philippe

Frontup - Off to race to honour Wally
Thank you to everyone for your help and participation on Saturday. It was a memorable day and it was good to see many people out to show their respect. Sailing was something dad loved his whole life, he will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. Thank you to everyone, especially Tim for organising the sail.
Scott Philippe
Jane Brook Wines
We'd like to welcome back Jane Brook Wines as our Wednesday afternoon racing sponsors for the next twelve months. We appreciate your ongoing support! Thank you.
Jane Brook colour logo

Message from the Department of Transport

oversize boats
Keelboat Course flyer march 2019
Power Boat Training 1 A4

On Behalf of Rules Chairperson Christina Heydon,

National Judge

Rules week 7 (09042019)
We are going to cover mark roundings over the next month. We have actually been building up a base of information over the past month, you may wish to revise the following:

Week 3 presented Case 132 – interpretation ‘on a beat to windward’.
Week 5 presented Case 107 – All boats shall avoid contact and the importance of being “aware” of the position of other boats that are around you.
Week 6 presented Q&A B011 2016.001 – 2 different size boats – who’s zone is it?
Week 7 presents Case 93 – RRS18.3 Mark-room: Tacking in the zone.

There are numerous scenarios regarding RRS18.3, so we will cover some of these over the month.
You need to have the rule book open to get the full impact of the change to each boat in regard to who is RoW & who is Keep Clear.
week 7 1
Definitions, Room
Rule 15, Acquiring Right of Way
Rule 16.1, Changing Course
Rule 18.3, Mark-Room: Tacking in the Zone
Rule 21(a), Exoneration
Rule 64.1(a), Decisions: Penalties and Exoneration
If a boat luffs immediately after she becomes overlapped to leeward of another boat and there is no seamanlike action that would enable the other boat to keep clear, the boat that luffed breaks rules 15 and 16.1. The other boat breaks rule 11, but is exonerated.
rules week 7 3
1. At position 1, W and L were on opposite tacks approaching a windward mark that they were required to leave to port.
2. After W passed head to wind within the zone and was on her new close-hauled course, L was directly astern of her.
3. W’s course was far enough above the layline to allow L to pass between W and the mark.
4. In position 2, L had borne off from a point close astern of W and was about to overlap W to leeward.
5. When the overlap began L immediately luffed and struck W’s port side. The boats then continued around the mark without further incident.
6. L protested W but L was disqualified for breaking rule 16.1. She appealed.

  1. Between positions 1 and 2, while in the zone, W passed head to wind. At that time, W was fetching the mark, so rule 18.3 began to apply. In her appeal, L argued that W broke rule 18.3. That rule required W to give L mark-room when L became overlapped inside her.
  2. The facts indicate that W’s course was far enough above the layline to allow L room to sail to the mark and round it. Therefore, W gave mark-room to L and did not break rule 18.3.
  3. At position 2 W had right of way over L under rule 12.
  4. A short time later, between positions 2 and 3, the boats became overlapped at which time L acquired right of way under rule 11, and initially rule 15 required L to give W room to keep clear. At all times after the boats became overlapped, rule 16.1 applied. L’s luff, which was made immediately after the overlap began, deprived W of room to keep clear. No seamanlike action was available to her to do so. L thus broke rules 15 and 16.1.
  5. L is not exonerated under rule 21(a) because, at the time she broke rules 15 and 16.1, she was not sailing within the mark-room to which she was entitled and which W gave her. That fact made rule 21(a) inapplicable.
  6. When L luffed, W unavoidably broke rule 11, but she is exonerated under rule 64.1(a) because she was compelled to do so by L’s breaches of rules 15 and 16.1. W could also be exonerated under rule 21(a) because at the time she broke rule 11 she was sailing within the room to which she was entitled under rules 15 and 16.1.
  7. L became overlapped from clear astern within two of her hull lengths of W, and so rule 17 prohibited L from sailing above her proper course. The protest committee did not find facts as to whether or not L sailed above her proper course after the overlap began. If she did, she broke rule 17. However, nothing is to be gained by seeking the facts needed to resolve this question because L would remain disqualified under rules 15 and 16.1.
The protest committee did not discuss rule 14. W did not break rule 14, as it was not reasonably possible for her to avoid contact. L, however, did break rule 14; the fact that she caused the contact showed that it was possible for her to avoid it. She would have been subject to penalty for this breach if there had been damage or injury to either boat. No facts were found about damage or injury, but this issue need not be addressed since L would remain disqualified under rules 15 and 16.1. For the above reasons, L’s appeal is denied.
rules week 7 2

Radio Controlled DF95 Yacht Sailing at SoPYC

Every Friday from 2.30pm to 5pm the Club is conducting races for DragonFlite95 (DF95) radio controlled yachts. You are invited to come and participate in the fun of racing these restricted one-design yachts. There are currently twenty-three DF95's belonging to members of SoPYC and they will be happy to hand over the controls for you to 'have a go'. A DF95 …

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Club Fuel Prices Today imagejpeg

Today's Fuel Prices

Diesel $1.44

Premium Unleaded Petrol $1.48

Support Crew Roster 2019

Saturday 13 April 2019
HIS MAJESTY Steven McWhirter
ISLAY MIST Peter Stevenson

Sunday 14 April 2019
KATMANDU Jeffrey Winspear

Saturday 27 April 2019
MISFORTUNE Stuart Pidgeon
INDIANA Brian Smith

Sunday 28 April 2019
R BAR Chris Pearson
CARMA Mark Harper

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Wednesday to Saturday 1200hrs - 2100hrs
Sunday's 1200hs - 2000hrs
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