APPLECROSS CUP SERIES – starts Sunday 28 June

The Notice of Race is now available and registrations are open.

Race dates are listed below:

  • Sunday 28 June – 1st warning @ 1300
  • Sunday 12 July – 1st warning @ 1300
  • Sunday 26 July – 1st warning @ 1300
  • Sunday 09 August – 1st warning @ 1300
  • Sunday 23 August – 1st warning @ 1300
  • FINALS Saturday 12 September – AM races
  • FINALS Sunday 13 September – PM races

For further details, please refer to the event webpage.


Starting Saturday 27 June we are very pleased to announce that post-event presentations will now take place in the upstairs Wardroom, however due to Phase 4 restrictions, the capacity is limited to 75 people.  There will also be no requirement to record your details before entering the room. Additionally, showers and change rooms will be open for Members. Physical distancing and the 2sqm rule still applies.


This event will now consist of non-consistency races. Please refer to Notice to Competitors. All going well, the Winter Series will be run as per the Red Book and will remain as a series. Boats already entered in the Midweek Series are not required to enter again.

Midweek Results – click here

C Fleet Midweek Results – click here

E-RACING – now on Thursdays

With real wet racing recommencing on Wednesdays, the Club will now run e-racing on Thursdays starting at 2pm. There are still spots available if you wish to join in.

Please click here for further information and to enter.

E-Racing Results – click here

Canning Bridge IGA Frostbite Series 

The Sailing Instructions and Course Sheets are now available online. Please ensure you are using these new course sheets and dispose of any old copies.

There has been a 3rd course added for all fleets which essentially is there for those really light days. Please click here for course 3 diagrams.

Please click here for the Entrants List

Please click here to enter if you are not already featured in the above Entrants Lists and wish to complete.

Remaining races as per the Red Book.

  • Sunday 05 July
  • Sunday 19 July
  • Sunday 02 August
  • Sunday 16 August
  • Sunday 30 August
  • Sunday 06 September
  • Sunday 20 September

Results will be available by clicking here.

2020 COFFEE POINT MARINE POWER YACHT TIME TRIALS – starts this Saturday 27 June

Skipper’s please note that there is now only 1 online form that is required before your begin participating in this Winter’s Time Trials –

  1. The Season’s Nomination – a once off submission. Click here to see who has nominated. If you are yet to nominate, please click here.

The Contact Tracing online form is no longer required thanks to COVID Phase 4. 


Please support our kindred clubs OTB regattas during this Winter:

DINGHY WINTER SERIES (Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club)

Please click here for event details.

HUCK SCOTT WINTER SERIES (Fremantle Sailing Club)

Please click here for event details.


Planning for next season’s sailing program is well underway. The draft Schedule has been updated and is available for Member’s to view via the Member’s Portal. Check that your events have been slotted in and start getting ready for the 75th SoPYC Sailing Season.


While our Seabreeze 7 Day forecast widget is experiencing some technical difficulties, here’s one from our friends at Windy

Use the slider at the bottom to select relevant day and move the flag marker to your desired location.


Australian Sailing is currently working through the impacts of COVID-19 on the planning of the Australian Youth Championships scheduled to be held at South of Perth Yacht Club (SoPYC) 10 – 14 January 2021.

We acknowledge that the confirmation of the event going forward is critical to the planning for athletes, parents, coaches and the Host Club. Australian Sailing will communicate by mid-August on the Australian Youth Championships.

The health and safety of the Sailing community is the priority throughout our planning process.


On Water Group are trialing yacht tracking software that is capable of tracking all boats in an event via an App. We are looking for just a few boats to add to Keelboat racing, currently Midweek and Frostbite races. If you interested and don’t mind taking your electronic device with you on the water, please let us know. It is envisaged that every race can be viewed from the Club’s website and replayed at anytime.

Email Scott


Here’s an update on the next RRS.

The current edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) is 2017-2020. It is revised and published every four years by World Sailing and the new edition RRS 2021-24 will take effect on 1 January 2021. Rest assured there will be further notifications on this from various sources.