Travel grants are issued to encourage dedicated sailors to achieve excellence in sailing and represent South of Perth Yacht Club at National and International levels.


  1. Any SoPYC Junior, Family, Centreboard or Ordinary Member may apply for the Travel Grant.
  2. Applicants must be in their 2nd consecutive year of membership.
  3. During this time, they should have demonstrated active participation in regular Club Activities such as Training Programs and/or Performance Development Training Programs, Club Racing and represented the Club at state and/or national events.
  4. Applicants must be financial members.
  5. Applicants must acknowledge the Club in their event registration and acknowledge and promote the club via all media.
  6. The application shall be accompanied by a brief 200 word summary describing the event and participation including two photos or a photo and a video. The summary shall be submitted together with the application form no later than 10 days after the event have concluded.


  • Lodge an application with the Club.
  • On Water Manager checks that all requirements have been met and submissions provided.
  • On Water Manager checks Club records for previous applications and any compliance matters.
  • If the On Water Manager is happy with the application, the OWM, will recommend to the On Water Committee that the travel grant be paid.
  • On Water Committee considers application.
  • Applicant advised of outcome.
  • If application is successful, funds to be paid via EFT into a bank account, or credited towards Club Account.

 Travel Grant Award:

Per Member
National Events International Events
$300 $600



  • A maximum of two grants to an applicant will be granted annually, 1st July – 30th June (One national and one international grant.)

All grant approvals are discretionary decisions of the club and are subject to the limits of the clubs budget and its financial position at the time of the application.