A capacity crowd was spellbound by author Karen Whittle-Herbert.
With a background starting in the mid-West and a flourishing career in senior management roles, she completely changed direction to write her debut novel The River Mouth.
Comparing Karen’s personal journey to the fictional story, you can’t help but feel her own life experience might be hiding in the pages. There was good news at the end, too – Karen’s second novel is in the works.
One of the most encouraging features of recent ladies lunches is the wonderful mix of participants. Many of the Club’s social members are now attending and guests include members of kindred clubs and friends of members who have no yacht club affiliation.
Christmas in July luncheon is booked out. Maree will be maintaining a wait list at reception for those who did not quite make it before it was booked out.
There will be a “Secret Santa” – gifts are not to exceed $10 in value and should be suitable for any of the luncheon guests.