The Bosuns Club on Jetty Two.

The Bosuns Club is back and running well.

Teaching old dogs new tricks.

Ever tried to paint a wooden post on all four sides in one pass?

Easy, paint one side and then put the painted side down on screws (or nails) laid down on the working surface. Minimum damage to the fresh paint and the other three sides can be done. Repeat when the first coat is dry.     Thanks to Dave Roberts for the idea.

Work on Jetty Two has started in earnest and the Jetty is under remedial care as they are pulled to pieces by the marine contractors. The patience of the boat owners who have moved their boats, so that the work can progress at a steady pace is appreciated. What’s happened is that the finger jetties have become a little weary and the Bosuns Club is refurbishing all the timbers that are being pulled off by the contractors. The cost of having the contractors do this would be considerable and so the Bosuns Club has taken on the task.

Amongst the work, they are busily shaping and preparing the paving planks ready to replace the worn out timbers that have done so well for the last 23 years. Chafing posts and side timbers are also being prepared and should give the jetty another 10 to 15 years of service or perhaps longer.

Now the heart of this team is the volunteers and Bob Harrap is leading this group of woodworkers and painters as they slog their way through each morning’s effort. Despite the showers they are happily working in and around the shed and will be seen shortly down on Jetty Two, paint pots in hand as they finish off the posts and timbers as required.

These are the current workers.

Ken Baxter, Mark Harper, Rick Steuart, Clint Hayes, Campbell Stewart, Ernie Little, Dave Roberts, Ron Bomford, Theo Berden, Russell Anderson and Geoff Warwick.

But we still need more volunteers as not everyone is available all the time. So your help would be valuable and we do have other projects that will come on line. Be prepared to learn new skills and possibly be in the position to teach an old dog a new trick.

See you in the Bosuns Shed.