The Bosun’s Club barbecue on Saturday the 9th of July

The Bosun’s Club is back.

Last week an invitation was put out to the members of the Bosun’s Club to attend a lunch-time BBQ.

And we’d like to make it quite clear that it’s to all of you, not just the mob who worked on Jetty 2.  If you are presently involved with the On-Water Section, or have volunteered in the past, come to meet other Bosun’s Club members.  If you are on the Bosun’s Club mailing list from way back but haven’t had the chance to get involved, come and meet those who are having a good time and see where you might fit in.  It’s a get together to have a chat and as mentioned, a chance to discuss the next project to build the St Ayles skiffs.  John Midolo will be there to thank all for the work done so far and to outline upcoming projects.

If you want to know more about the skiffs try this link. The St Ayles Skiff – YouTube  and a time lapse of the build ST AYLES SKIFF TIMELAPSE VIDEO – YouTube

The work on Jetty 2 has been all but completed and we slipped in a wedge on Jetty 6 on Monday. With Brian Cross making a welcome appearance, the Bosun’s Club replaced all the really bad timbers at the river end of the jetty and you can actually walk down there without falling over.

So remember Saturday the 9th of July at 1200 for the BBQ and please give Bob Harrap an email so he can get the catering sorted.

See you in the Bosuns Shed.