SOPYC Information Topics Night 18 June 2018

Anchors, Charts & GPS Errors

The SoPYC Offshore Racing Group ran another very successful “Topics Night” last night with well over 36 attendees who enjoyed a lecture by Dr Kim Klaka.

Kim has a degree in Education, and Naval Architecture and his PhD topic was on the stability of yachts (ie: why does my beer spill while I’m racing?)  He now is the controller (?) of the FSC Cruising Guide, which is a ‘must have’ for anyone wishing to depart Fremantle Harbour.  He has sailed with me to the Abrolhos and from T.I. to Darwin and Freo to Bali Race in 2013, plus about 30,000nm of other sailing adventures.

Kim’s topic was “GPS and Chart errors, Anchoring and Anchor Selection”

I have attached Kim’s notes on “GPS and Chart Errors” here and the “Anchors and Anchoring Gear” document is here. I encourage you all to look through his notes.

These “Topics Nights” are now regular events, so I suggest you add them into your calendar each month on Monday nights:  The next Topic will be on Marine Weather Forecasting, then we will have Scott Disney talk to us about Sail Trim Tactics, and later we have WA Water Police talking about their response to offshore marine maydays.

Many thanks to Betty Walsh (“Twitch”) and to Scott Nunn in our On Water Office for organising these great events.

Ralph Newton, Rear Commodore Regatta.