Teenager & Adult Dinghy Learn to Sail

The structure below provides a learn to sail dinghy pathway for teenagers and adults. The Club runs the programs in the Hobie Wave catamaran dinghy.

STEP 1Start Sailing 1 & 2
Your Discover Sailing journey starts here as you learn the fundamental skills of sailing and are introduced to the fun of dinghy sailing in a safe and supportive environment.
STEP 2Better Sailing & Start RacingDiscover Sailing in stronger winds as you develop the skills required to get maximum speed from your dinghy.
This course is also an introduction to racing and the competition of sailing. A greater understanding of tactics, wind patterns and boat tuning techniques will improve your skills to be race ready.
STEP 3Hobie Wave Green FleetA consistent twice a week club training group with the goal of improving your skills to a level where you can club race or sail without an instructor/coach on your own boat.