Stephen Elliott and Diane Ward onboard Nearly Nineteen win the Ray D Carter Trophy, Least Points and first in the Starboard fleet with just 3 points lost. Di was particularly pleased, as the stand-in for the regular navigator, PC Paul Ward for this event. Stephen joked he would have worn a better shirt if he’d thought he’d be photographed!

Some members may not know Stephen Elliott or his partner Celia, who have been very committed members of the Power Yacht fleet and the supporters of our Club. Stephen served on Management Committee, he was the driving force behind the Rocla Little Wheel Match racing series in its heydays, he and Cels started the Flavoursome Thursday concept and they donated the Greton Trophy for Best First Year Time Trialler just to mention a few of their legacies. Maybe it’s the local commercial sand company, Urban Resources that fosters winners and energetic Club Members, Stephen being the Founder & MD and our champion Troy Dalglish, the company accountant.

Morning events have a different feel, especially being back in the bar for “refreshments” and to watch the footy by midday!  Team Purrfect were dressed up in AFL team colours with the adorable twins in yellow & black, Emma (Wiggle) outfits and John and Lynne is bright orange… some might say John and Lynne put in more effort than GWS! The starters did an amazing job to have results ready by 12.30 so members could relax to watch the lacklustre game or enjoy Quarterdeck lunch.

Back at the podium, Julie and Steve Leech onboard Chilly Mussel, were delighted to pick up a second-place flag in Starboard fleet, with 14 points and third, David and Joan Purnell onboard Golden Eye third with 20 points.

In the Port Fleet, father and son team, Peter and Richard Melsom on Audacity II took out first place with 14 points, followed by IPC Phil and Pam Warwick on Time Out in second place and Jason Claricoates and Caroline James on North Star in third place with 15 and 16 points respectively each carrying a handicap of 5 points.

After such a stellar performance last week, unfortunately, Cookie couldn’t make it out of the pen this week (problem with an M&M motor) resulting in Maria and Rose looking very relaxed guests of Kelly, Anton & Sebastian on the back deck of Magnifique Two. Fingers crossed it’s not a major issue for M&M’s.

Audacity II is up for sale, so long time keen competitors, Pete and Kathy Melsom want to pursue more land-based interests next season. Great way to finish with a win Pete! All the best to you and Kathy. North Star is also on the market so Jason and Caroline can concentrate honing their skills on their new Mustang 37, Tikkityboo before the start of season 2020. Noted in the sale advertisement, that the 401 numbers were not part of the deal!  With extended travel booked from August 2020, Amazon, Steve Wall and Amanda Watson will also consider their options for season 2020.

Lastly, another big shout out to Brian Smith and his video recording program trial. On Saturday, when a top-performing boat questioned being given 2 at a mark, the start team approved them viewing the video recording. The footage of Lucky Bay was clear, the call and time display in sync accurate and left no doubt in the score of 2 late given. Keep up the great work Brian.