R-Marine Mandurah Trophy overshadowed by a Big ZERO!

Very special news for the Power Section! B.C. Zero Points Lost was scored at Saturday’s Time Trial. Congratulations to Brett Morrison & Dilana Ramirez on Sunhunter! The last time this was won was about 8 years ago and it’s only been awarded about 7 times in the Club’s history!

Considering the tough weather conditions which marred several time trials this season, last Saturday was perfect.  It was cool, but the sun was out, winds were very light and the river was flat.  The stage was set for a good contest.

No fewer than eight boats completed the course with less than 10 points lost, a remarkable performance. Even when handicaps came into play the quality performances by some of the top club performers still put them on the podium.

In the Port fleet and making light of their fourteen handicap, John and Lynne Cooper took Purrfect into third place, continuing their run of excellent form. Steve and Diane Clarke shared Purrfects raw score of five points lost, but their handicap of thirteen placed them second. Travis and Jessica Fisher, who lost a substantial slice of the season with boat issues, capitalised on the combined effect of a low handicap and a very good round to take first place.

It was the starboard fleet however, where the surprises occurred. Steve and Julie Leech in Chilly Mussel, claimed third place with seventeen points. It was not a good day for Chilly Mussel later in the evening when a suspected electrical fault almost set the boat alight and caused major smoke damage. On ten points, including handicap, was Neredes II.  A delighted Ian Blanckensee and Dave Morrison skipped to the stage to collect their second place on a countback, unaware at that point that they were tied with the winner of the R-Marine Mandurah Trophy, Kris and Amy Townend’s Manduco.

Carl Segreto did the honours with the presentation of flags and trophies for his company’s signature time trial, but there was more to come.

Fifth place, with the loss of nineteen points, was Sunhunter.  On hearing the news, Brett Morrison and Dilana Ramirez looked at each other as they realised that they carried a nineteen handicap, they could only have completed the course without loss of points.  Bryan Carter’s zero points lost trophy was hurriedly retrieved from the trophy cabinet and amid loud applause, was handed to a very proud Brett and Dilana.

A very exciting day for South of Perth Time Triallers. With two of the club’s star performers away for next weekend’s State Heat, it will be a good test of the depth of talent available.  Best wishes to all the team.