SoPYC Pirate Raid on Fremantle Sailing Club

Blowing his bagpipes confidently, our own pirate Greg Power, bravely led the march into battle to raid Fremantle Sailing Club for the coveted Pirate Chest!

With swords, cutlasses and water pistols drawn, our crew of pirates including lots of kids, teenagers and adults, waded into the fray.  The fierce pirates from SoPYC, FSC and CPBA battled fiercely at the Fort for the Pirate Chest!  After half an hour of very enthusiastic yelling, slashing and swashbuckling action which would make the best pirates in our history envious, the SoPYC became the victors in capturing the Pirate Chest from FSC!

Tired but victorious and others gracious in defeat, all pirates (and supporters) headed upstairs to the Wardroom for a well-earned complimentary drink followed by many more celebratory drinks.  There were so many fabulous pirates in the Wardroom, which you could be forgiven for thinking that time had been turned back and the 200 of us were back in a pirates’ den full of fun, frivolity, great food, wine, buxom wenches and several Jack Sparrows!

The pirate kids took part in a quiz which led to the opening of the Pirate Chest with all its beautiful treasure of gold coins and jewels – it even included a real bottle of rum (kids not impressed but good for the “big” kids)!  Tales of the fights, valour and victory were heard being retold over and over, eventually to become recorded in the annals of history via Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!!

The evening included a fabulous buffet feast, followed by a long table laden with mouth-watering desserts including a magnificent 1 metre high, entwined sculpture of 3 different liquid chocolates, swirling down to reservoirs of caramel, ruby and orange chocolate (all of which your cruisy scribe tried and then gorged on the orange chocolate!) accompanied by large bowls of marshmallows, strawberries and churros which definitely released the endorphins!!  Live music was provided for the evening with our pirates young and not so young, dancing vigorously on the dance floor and working off those unwanted calories.

What fantastic value and hospitality by FSC – all the pirate adventure, a complimentary drink, main buffet, dessert buffet, and live music – all for $35.00 a head and kids $15 – WOW!!!

With full bellies and lots of “rum”, the night finally came to an end.  Many of the pirates returned home to suburbia while others staggered …. oops sauntered down to their boats.

Fonster again hosted the nightcap party with pirates from other clubs – until 3am!  With Bon Appetit making their debut as ‘the next’ party boat after Fonster sadly leaves our shores in June.  Thank you so much again to Dave and Fonny Ewart for showing their renowned hospitality and thank you to Valerie and Greg Power for offering Bon Appetit for nightcaps.

On Sunday morning, FSC put on a great hearty cooked breakfast for those who were lucky enough to stay overnight on their boats.

Again with big smiles and many thanks to the FSC folk, the SoPYC pirates headed off back home under beautiful blue skies and calm seas.  Another perfect day for our cruisers!

Thank you so much to Bob Wright for organising this great event which was certainly one of the highlights of our Cruising Section Calendar.

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The Cruisy Scribe

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