If you wish to lodge a protest at SoPYC, protest forms are available in the racks just outside the On Water Group Office. If you wish to lodge a protest electronically, please email the form to .


Once a protest is received by an On Water Group staff member, they will record the date and time of lodgment on the form as well as the protest case number. Copies will be made for all parties involved. The Protestor will be asked to hand a copy to the Protestee and wait close by for the Rules Chairperson to arrive for an Arbitration hearing.

Protest Hearing

If the protest is not resolved through arbitration, the case will proceed to a Protest Hearing. The time and place for hearings will be advised via email to all parties attached with copies of the Protest Form and Protest Register confirming date, time and location of the hearing. Normally Protest Hearings are conducted in the On Water Group Meeting Room on Tuesday evenings, with the first case heard at 1800 hrs.

Protest Form

Protest Register
Scoring Enquiry