The H28 was designed by L. Francis Herreshoff in 1942. Not one of the fast modern designs but a very sea worthy and durable vessel.  H28s have not only been built in the USA but in a number of places around the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, New Zealand and of course Australia.  They have been sailing at South of Perth Yacht Club for over 50 years.

His design philosophy kept in mind:

  • Maximum room for the cost without sacrificing looks and speed.
  • A shape that should stay entirely tight even if exposed to considerable strain or twisting.
  • A draft that is deep enough to allow good windward performance in heavy weather but shallow enough to avoid the need to row miles to shore when anchored in a picturesque bay.

H28′ stake part in fleet racing every Saturday afternoon from October to April with anything up to 17 boats on the water. Many of the fleet also take part in the Wednesday afternoon racing during the year and twilight races in the summer and also take part in other events on the river including the Wooden Boat Regatta.

For further information on the H28 Fleet at South of Perth Yacht Club, contact Glen Stanley on 0418 115 285 or via email