Division 2


Division 2 is comprised of displacement hull keelboats with lengths ranging from 28 to34 ft (8.5 to 10.34 m). The boats are generally considered to be in the “HalfTon” and “3/4 ton” category. Classes of boats in Division 2 include Cole 32’s (currently 8 in the fleet), Viking and S&S 30’s, Lexcen and Farr 30’s and Spirit 28’s, UFO 34′s and S&S 34′s.

Division 2 boats allow sailors with only moderate means to compete in river and offshore sailing events for a reasonable outlay. Many Division 2 boats are in excess of 25 years in age, but with loving care by enthusiasts are maintained in top racing condition.

12-18 boats usually jostle at the start line on a Saturday afternoon and the races are action packed with plenty of excitement. There is great competition as the boats are fairly evenly matched in capacity. Competition is further enhanced by the handicapping system which ensures all boats have the chance to win. The Division 2 racing program includes offshore events in Cockburn Sound and a race to Rottnest Island followed by a BBQ and overnightstay at the island.

Division 2 boats carry 4-7 crew members. Potential crew members are made very welcome by Division 2 and a position on a boat is guaranteed with the opportunity for training from a great bunch of highly respected skippers.

For more information, contact Tawake Rakai 

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