The Wheelhouse update from the Commodore came out earlier today and among the items he mentioned were the impending Members Meeting which is being contemplated for late June.  John signposted some of the thinking that the Management Committee will present to Members in the Notice of Meeting about subscriptions and fees and it will be the Notice of Meeting that will substantiate and define the subscriptions and fees that are proposed for the 2020-2021 financial year.  Formal notice of the date will be communicated to members shortly.

He also highlighted some of the works going on around the club and snapshots of the work being done by the Bosuns Club volunteers and contractors can be seen below.  The Bosuns Club volunteers lifted the brick pavers on the Quarterdeck and are presently replacing the jetty 3 decking with assistance from Robbie and David and this job will be completed shortly.

Click on the images for a gallery.