The Discover Sailing Experience is a great opportunity to participate in a fun sail at South of Perth Yacht Club.

**No prior sailing experience is required**

We offer a range of sailing experiences for individuals interested in trying sailing and being introduced to the Club as well as for groups from 3 to 20 people to be taken for a sail on the Club-owned BW8 Keelboats with an on-board instructor. The club has a lovely restaurant and bookings can be incorporated as part of your package together with the sailing.

Individual Discover Sailing Experience

This initiative has been put in place to give anyone the opportunity to go for a sail on a club member’s boat during a club organised race. It is a free Keelboat sailing experience for members and non-members who wish to learn what makes a Keelboat go and progress to become a regular member of a racing team, without the technical detail and cost of a certified course. The sailing experience can be set as a quiet and easy activity, or offer you an adrenaline rush in one of the weekly action-packed races. The Club’s social facilities, restaurant and bar area is as much a part of the experience as getting out in the wind. The intention of a Discover Sailing Experience is to encourage participants to become active members on and off the water.

Group Discover Sailing Experience

The club has four BW8 Keelboat yachts available with Australian Sailing accredited on-board instructors to take groups of friends, family or work colleagues out on the Swan River for a sail. Each boat can have 3 to 5 guests on-board and the experience can cater for up to 20 people. The emphasis is on giving you a practical hands-on experience of sailing focusing on having fun. The instructor will be out on the water with you, ensuring your safety and is ideal for people who have never been sailing before. The format of the sailing experience including the time of the session and intensity of the activity can be designed to best suit your requirements. The Group Discover Sailing Experiences can be an effective corporate activity as part of a conference or work celebration. The Club restaurant and facilities such as function areas can be combined as part of the experience.

Email our Head Coach, Denis Jones, at for group enquiries.