Time for the Ladies to Shine

Last Saturday’s time trial was one for the ladies. The fifteen lady skippers who competed made it clear that they are every bit as competent as the guys, even though most don’t get the opportunity to drive.

Amy Townend won the Starboard fleet by a single point ahead of Kelly Jennings, both driving big boats.  In the port fleet, two very different small boats took control.  Heidi Kenney (who admitted later that she did not know that the boat could travel as fast as it did!) had a great day out to finish with just nine points lost, ahead of Victoria Blanckensee in Thanet (travelling at 6 knots), on 11 points.

Heidi was the winner of the overall trophy which was presented by the Ladies’ Luncheon Group coordinator, Chris Nyeholt.

Heidi Kenney was best of the lovely ladies last Saturday.

Lynne Cooper, with a spectacular burst of speed between the start line and Heathcote Dolphin, was a clear “winner” of the wooden spoon.

Maiden win for Out On Business

Darryl Wilkes and Mary Vukovich only joined the time trial fleet this season.  They attended the pre-season training session and from the outset, showed that they were taking up time trials as a personal challenge.  They worked hard to get their systems right and as a result, their scores showed a steady improvement.

“How does this handicapping work?” Darryl asked.  After a lengthy explanation, he shook his head and pointed out that although Out on Business had not won any event, their handicap appeared to have increased by 12 points.  The answer of course, was that they performed particularly well in the doubleheader State Heats the previous week.  Those results are also calculated as Club consistency events and when those results were announced on Saturday, it was clear that Out on Business had in fact, scored its first victory.

Congratulations to Darryl and Mary.  There will obviously be more wins in the future.

Out On Business broke through for its first win in last weekend’s State Heat.

Little Stinkers sold out

Heidi Kenney announced over the weekend that the Little Stinkers junior training day on October 21st is now almost fully subscribed.  She is still in need of more small inflatable dinghies.  Tenders with small outboards are ideal.  If you can help, please contact Heidi at .

Dalusional Does it Again to win the Seafarers at Royal Perth

Troy Dalglish, with navigator Bradley Calamel, won least points lost in Sunday’s Seafarers Time Trial at Royal Perth.  The event was resurrected by the club this year after a long hiatus and was well supported with a fleet of 20 boats taking part.

Dalusional and Purrfect shared ‘least points’ in the last State Heat of the season.