Replay SoPYC Keelboat races and watch the boats that have activated their Yacht Bot trackers. Click on the simple instructions under the phone image to get started or if you want to find out more about free Yacht Bot tracking, contact the Sailing Administrator Email:

02 Sept 20Midweek Winter R6Click here
09 Sept 20Midweek Winter R7Click here
16 Sept 20Midweek Winter R8Click here
23 Sept 20Midweek Winter R9Click here
30 Sept 20Midweek Winter R10Click here
07 Oct 20Midweek Spring R1Click here
14 Oct 20Midweek Spring R2Click here
21 Oct 20Midweek Spring R3Click here
28 Oct 20Midweek Spring R4Click here
04 Nov 20Midweek Spring R5Click here
11 Nov 20Midweek Spring R6Click here
18 Nov 20Midweek Spring R7Click here
25 Nov 20Midweek Spring R8Click here
09 Dec 20Midweek Spring R10Click here
16 Dec 20Midweek Spring R11Click here
20 Jan 21Midweek Summer R1Click here
27 Jan 21Midweek Summer R2Click here
10 Feb 21Midweek Summer R4Click here
17 Feb 21Midweek Summer R5Click here
24 Feb 21Midweek Summer R6Click here
03 Mar 21Midweek Summer R7Click here
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