Hobie Wave Green Fleet


The Hobie Wave Green Fleet is a consistent weekly training group designed to up-skill teenagers and adults to a level where they can compete in club racing or take a dinghy out sailing without the supervision of an instructor. To join the group you need to have completed Level 1 (Start Sailing) and 2 (Better Sailing and Start Racing) of the dinghy learn to sail program or already have learnt the fundamental skills of sailing a dinghy.

The training session is on every Friday afternoon 1600 – 1900. 

To join the Green Fleet you need to be a member of the club and pay a training fee each season.


To join the training group you need to be a club member and pay a training fee.

Club Membership Information and Application Form

The training fee works out to be $40 per month. You need to enrol in the training at the start of the season or in the month you join the group. If you join part way through the season you will be charged a fee calculated on a pro rata basis.

Summer season – October to April (2 week break over Christmas and New Year)

Winter season – May to September (1 month break in July)

Sailors generally train in the Green Fleet for one to two seasons. On completion of the Green Fleet you can:
—    Lease a club owned Hobie Wave to compete in the Summer Season of club racing. See below for more information.
—    Join one of the existing club fleets by sailing with another club member or buying your own boat and continuing your club training and racing in that class. More information here


Hobie Wave Green Fleet sailors are also invited to charter a club owned Hobie Wave and participate in Dinghy Club Racing at 1:25pm each Sunday throughout the Summer Season. This involves an additional boat charter fee of $40 per month which is incorporated in the club racing registration fee. To register for Hobie Wave club racing, click here and select ‘Double Handed Entry’ then ‘Hobie Wave’. If the skipper doesn’t already have a profile in TopYacht, click on the pink section and create a new profile. Please register the sail number as ‘TBA’, and one will be allocated to you by the On Water Group Administrator. The racing schedule and Sailing Instructions on the race documents page on the website contain all the information needed to race, including race courses.

For any further questions, email training@sopyc.com.au


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