Head Coach Report 8 October 2019

Pelican Power Up

The annual Peli Power up training camp is on again, hosted by SoPYC.  This is a “real” camp with tents, plus sailing in Pelicans and some keelboat cross over fun and training.  The sailors were straight into it today whilst the breeze held in.


Opening Day

What a classic Seabreeze on Opening day with gusts close to 20 knots.  Below are a couple of “sends” from the 125 and 29er sailors.

Super tight racing in the Lasers.

West Sail & WA Youths.

After 4 days of solid training with two themes focussed on preparing your body and starting the sailors competed in the WA youths.

It is fairly rare to get a solid block of 6 days to really focus on improving and the sailors seemed to get a lot out of it and are now set up with a good trajectory into their summer preparation.

Well done to all the SoPYC sailors.

Denis, Head Coach