No Wind – No Problem….

Last Sunday, we resumed our Winter Training for:

  • Green Fleet – Learn to Sail
  • Bronze Fleet – Learn to Race
  • Silver Fleet – Learn to Race
  • Gold Fleet – Learn to Compete
  • Pelican’s
  • Lasers
  • 29er’s

There was no wind for the first two hours so we switched to the Club’s SUP boards with some fun relays whilst waiting for the wind.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and quickly forgot how cold the water was.  Having fun is a major component of our program and I’d like to thank our older sailors for helping and parent’s also, who helped pack everything up so the sailors could get out for a quick 1-hour sail, when the wind did eventually arrive.

Key Ingredients – Fun and Parent Involvement – – Thankyou

Also with the cancellation of the Australian Youth’s for 2021 and likely cancellation of many Nationals, many sailors are asking where to from here?

SoPYC is committed to replacing those events with great WA events and work is already well underway.  Stay tuned for information coming soon.

I know the cancellation of events will be very disappointing for all of the sailors, but there are probably some great opportunities to break out of your classes and try getting into new classes earlier than you would normally have.  To this end I expect we will be offering a lot of transition support to help you progress quickly.

Please keep an eye out on your TeamApp Schedule as this is the only means used for communicating all aspects of training sessions and Keep Notification’s turned on – Here is a link to help