Last weekend many SoPYC sailors attended the International Classes Regatta (ICR) at  RFBYC.  It was a fairly windy Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday with racing stopped when the wind was a solid 23knots and many boats struggling.

Well done to those happy with their results and those that achieved other milestones.

Aaron Teo smashed the results with 8 firsts and 1 second.  Outstanding effort.

Connor Shaw also notched up a solid win with 4 1st places.

Full results can be found here


Heavy Air Gybing

A lot of teams struggled but then improved on their Gybing.  Here is a link with some very solid tips that apply to all classes. https://www.sailbetter.com/heavy-wind-gybing-fast-and-safe/

I firmly agree with the points mentioned and re-iterate that speed is your friend in the gybe, So you need to be pressing as fast as possible to move the apparent wind forward and gybe at the critical time when the load will be the lowest in the rig.  Also, remember to keep body weight transitioning from one side to the other consistently.  This momentum of weight transfer allows the boat, foils, and sails to have predictable and stable flow.  Any stopping just throws everything out.

In overpowered boats, the pause will result in a capsize every time.


SpaceSail 22s

We also had Matt Lingard and Will Hammond out on Saturday supporting the SpaceSailer 22 fleet.  I know they caught up with the sailors afterward but below is a link to some images taken and respective notes.

We had Colin (SP124) Murray (SP143) and Bruce (SP 254)


Photo   #94 Colin, cars too far forward which we corrected later, main OK and slot open

#95 Bruce   main too far down the traveler

#96 Murray   needs heaps of genoa halyard

#97 Murray  also main too deep

#99 Colin  still sheeting too far forward

#05 Colin   sheeting better

#06 Colin   slot better

#07 Bruce  Main too deep

#08 Bruce  same

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7afe129f6ba46bb3d886aabea3aa529720191126051126/5ae88361e38a6f54ed5887be3259eee420191126051126/67241d ” text=”Download SS22 Sail Images” ]