For most of the dinghy training fleets, July is a break whilst we wait for longer days and warmer water.

The Vipers were eager to get out and had a scheduled training event on the weekend.  After launching in almost no wind on Saturday, a really challenging SE breeze from 2- 12 knots was plenty to provide some great training and racing.  Matt Jerwood was on hand to run the session and it was intense with several races running whilst there was breeze.

No results were kept and lots of information shared.  Really nice to see a good vibe in this fun class.

Sunday wasn’t so great for the breeze, so we had a forum to share some ideas on speed, strategy, and technique.

Key points that are common to many fleets:

Trimming finesse

Firstly, all the settings need to be dialed in for the conditions. Typically things like Mast rake, Prebend control, Bridle height (Traveller), Jib sheeting position (tack height, sheeting angle), etc

Then it is a matter of using the remaining controls whilst racing to maintain the desired sail setup and heel angle control. Everything is interconnected which is what makes it challenging but also rewarding.  Understanding the effect the mainsheet tension or vang has on the forestay sag or the jib sheet tension on the angle of attack and steering groove requires a lot of teamwork, talking (feedback), and finesse.

Matt talked about tackling the “low hanging fruit” and what he meant was: where are the biggest gains to be made?  I think this was an important tip.  It is very easy to get caught up in what sails the faster guys are using or settings etc,… whereas, simply getting a good start will probably have a bigger impact on performance.  All fleets “trigger” at different times but make sure you are front row and reader to accelerate at your trigger time.

Applecross Cup

This Sunday is another attempt for some racing for the Group 1 fleets, I won’t comment on the weather as the patterns seem to change too much this far out.

Group 1 – Pelicans, 125s, Flying Fifteens, Windsurfers and Bic Techno 293s.

See you on the water