Looks like, with the easing of restrictions and great work WA has done, sailing will be resuming normally soon.

Continuing on with the starting theme from Ben’s article last week, below is a link to the common situations and rules in play at starts.

Main scenarios covered include:

  1. Rules applying to boats sneaking into a gap on the same tack
  2. Rules applying to port tack approaches
  3. Rules applying to both boats in a “barging” scenario
  4. Luffing rules and not altering course whilst another boat is avoiding

Knowing these rules is essential to understand your rights and opportunities.  However be prepared for others to not know the rules, have a different perspective.  The last scenario in the article doesn’t normally work out as described.  It is often a pile-up of boats, many violating the rules.  It’s great to nail that port end start but it is a high risk, so make sure you are on the right side of the risk “redline” and choose when in a regatta you would take that risk.


Happy Starting