The WASS camp scheduled last weekend was postponed to this coming weekend, due to the weather forecast.  So again feel free to come down to see the sailors in action.  All-day Saturday and Sunday morning prior to the Group 1 Applecross Cup Sailing.

The SoPYC training group still ran on Sunday and the weather was a little lighter than forecast but it was still challenging.  Well done to those who challenged themselves.  It was pretty awesome to see Jamie zipping by in the 29er XS at around 20 knots and Flynn conquering the Open Skiff.


Keeping warm and comfortable is really important for not only your safety but certainly the enjoyment and ultimately decision making on the water.

Some of our sailors are getting cold very quickly and need to come in early or start getting fatigued and making poor decisions, so remember to make sure you are adequately clothed for the conditions.  Our Friends at Boating Hardware and Monkey Fist are always supporting our events so maybe drop in and see how they can help with sailing specific clothing options.  Otherwise, I find surfing wetsuits are very good for wet boats

In general, a layered approach gives you lots of options to use in different temperature days.  If you are like me you will end up with a lot more wetsuits than business suits.

See you on the water.